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Forget my security question answer

I forget my Fiverr security question answer, I contacted Fiverr. They told me to provide my paypal or payonner details that is associated with my account. But i didn’t add any of them in my account. So what can i do at this stage?

Inform support about the matter. Not sure what they’re going to say but its best to keep them informed about any and all things pertaining to your account where security questions are involved.

Problem solved :slight_smile: They fixed my problem :slight_smile: Great support from Fiverr!

Same problem, how did they do that geek_dev?

Hi can you please tell me how they resolve your issue same happens with me for this reason even i cant apply for bank transfer and fiverr card :frowning:

Please tell me . I have same problem. I forget security question anawer and I didn’t add any account information. And one thing more i want to change password but network connection problem occurs always. I tried different time but no solution

This is a 2 year old post. If you type “forgot security question” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may help you.