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Forget security question

Hi all, Need help. I forget my SECURITY QUESTION. can any please tell me how can i reset that. I’m failed try to contact of fiverr support center.

You have to reach Customer Support in order to reset it. What do you mean by failed to contact them? You will have to be more specific to get help with that.

Thanks for reply. I mean that, I’m contact two time in customer support and tell him my problem and also ask him how can i reset that. but every time they are told me “Can you also provide a photo of you holding your ID” . I send my Photo Id but no solution they are told me. please help.

Well, sending identification is the only way I know of that they will reset security for you. They may be concerned that the ID isn’t good enough or you aren’t waiting long enough. Make sure you don’t create multiple tickets about the same issue either because that slows things down or confuses CS and stops the process.

How long has it been since you sent the ID? Did you send the kind of ID they asked for? Did you send it in the method they asked for? (For example, did they ask you to fax it, email it, or what and did you follow the instructions?) Did you get any response?

I’ve seen other people having trouble because they sent an ID that isn’t clear, doesn’t match what is on record, or looks altered. If that happens, Customer Support isn’t going to help until you re-send a really good and clear image that matches your account.

If you didn’t get a response at all, you might need to wait longer. The only other thing you can really do if nothing else works is to ask Customer Support if they will close your account and let you create a new one. Since you aren’t level 1 yet that might be worth it if they allow it. Just don’t try creating a new account without asking or you’ll get banned.

what mean about Photo Id? my profile Photo or my National Id Card with Photo? I will create tickets two times for this reason.

I send my Id after three days ago. after one days later they are told me "are you satisfied " after solved my problem.

Now What I can do please tell me?

You would have to ask CS about what ID type, but it would need to be something official. You might need to.wait 2-3 more days. If you don’t receive another response, write back and tell them the problem is not fixed.

OK, thanks for advice.

hi fonthaunt,
hope you are well.after 13 days ago I send my photo id in my hand. can tell me please maximum how much time need to solve that. or I need to create a new tickets again?