Forgot answer to security question


So my security question is the childhood nickname one, thing is, I don’t really remember setting this question, been a long time, and I’ve put in almost all my nicknames, and they’re all wrong. Now I’m temporarily locked out :confused:
I’ve contacted customer support but all they’re saying is to just try and remember it. I’ve seen other posts where people got their problem fixed by PayPal verification or something and ID verification.
Also is their any way to reset the security question with a verified phone number?


Start jogging your :brain: memory. Due to security measures, CS wouldn’t be able to help. I mean you already asked them for assistance, so remembering your security question is the last resort.


Why you need security question answer? I mean which purpose?


You need a security question to protect your account so that other people can’t pretend to be you and sign into YOUR account. You are the only person that should know your security question answer. This lets you in, and keeps other people out. :wink:


Yes, I know about that. But without this reason, we no need to know security question answer that’s why I asked the question. It’s helpful but not too much important for us.


I don’t understand why this is such a concern for you. Security questions are a good thing – and a VERY important part of any business’ online security protections. Why would you feel the need to complain about Fiverr working hard to protect their site users?


Yes i know it’s good thing and important for business but when you forget security question answer then fiverr doesn’t provide you answer and this time you have nothing to do. But i want to say without security question answer you can do everything in fiverr.


The same here. I asked them too and they said that the information has been too sensitive.