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Forgot my fiverr security Question

Hi Friends … !!
i was set Question on my fiverr account and now i forgot it can somebody help me i was contacted Costomer service they ask me to do this
what should i do now ?

You only joined Fiverr a few days ago - how is it possible to forget your security question and answer in such a short space of time?

Sorry - nobody can help you to remember it - only you can do that. :sunny:


IKR - Totally mind-boggling! :thinking: smh

Next time choose easy Q&A’s like “how many fingers and toes do I have?”
“What color is Elmo?” and is “Big bird really a bird?:bird: . :pineapple:


The idea behind having a security question is that only the person who opened the account knows the answer and no one else.

What this means is that only someone with the answer can enter the correct answer, and that person is the account owner.

So when someone else comes along and does not know the answer, they cannot enter the correct answer and no one else knows it either.

So the fact that you do not know the answer means you cannot enter the answer correctly, which means you are locked out of doing that, which means no one can help you, certainly not anyone on this forum and probably no one at customer service either.

The only thing that can help you is knowing that answer~