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Forgot my security question answer

now i cant verify my number and cant withdraw money because my number was not verified with account and I’m not remember my security answer also now what will happen to my account

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You only joined Fiverr last month - how can you forget the answer so quickly?


I’m so worried i don’t know how i frorgot and when i create my account i not foolow all security option and not fill then now I’m facing trouble my laptop lcd broken and i login from new device now I’m facing restriction

i have same internet connection but using new laptop and pc how i will solve issue i have my first project funds in this account

It doesn’t matter that it’s a new laptop - you just need to remember the answer to your security question, which you gave to Fiverr when you set your account up.

Nobody can help you to remember it I’m afraid.

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ok i try to remember I’m so worried sir

If you are sure that you can solve this issue when you can login from your old laptop …then connect a external monitor to that lap and login

cant understand what you say

your old laptop you have only the problem only with the LCD screen ryt ?

i say i feel that because my old laptop lcd broken and I’m usimng new laptop so i face this issue

Have you contacted Customer Support? They will help you with this matter.

if you have only the problem with the display of the laptop then connect a external monitor and solve your issue … after that use the new laptop

No they won’t - it’s up to each user to remember their security details. CS won’t give them out if you forget (thankfully).

they say remember security question and i forgot it my answer they say they cant help me without security answer

now what i do with account if i cant withdraw funds then there is no advantage to take any project more on this account

I’m tired now worried what will happen

If you type “forgot my security question” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may wish to read.

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Mobile number and security question both are important for fiverr account but you don’t have any of them. I think this two things are more important than your password

no way to solve it now??

Start jogging :running_woman: your memory :brain:. Unfortunately, nobody on the forum can help you remember your security question/answer. Don’t waste your time contacting CS by the way. Due to security reasons and whatnot, they wouldn’t be able to help you.

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