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Forgot phone number and how to delete old phone number


Forgot phone number.


How can anyone forget its own phone number? :roll_eyes:

Anyway, please contact CS. Here’s the link


At least do any of your friends/relatives have your number? As suggested by @maitasun, contact CS.

Before you are allowed to change any info. on your profile, I think they will ask you for the answer to your security question that you set while creating your account. If you forgot that, too… well, good luck! :vulcan_salute:

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so are you able to retrieve the number?
because i also forgot my phone number

please ask for help support

contact with help support

Login to account using email your existing credentials then see what phone number your are using if you still don’t remember phone number then contact to CS. or maybe you can use question answer section.
You will be able to change old number once you remember current number you are using.
You will get a code to your existing number in order to have new no.
(always make sure you save your email.passwords this kind of stuff on a safer place)

Recent a friend had the same problem, only he had an older number that he hadn’t used for a while. To restore it uncertainly several methods and applications. He tried to do it some time go but without success, and now somebody told a new way how to do it. From what I remember he had used the page, with the help of which he was able to locate some data about the number and the last calls he had. I still remember what emotions he had when he managed to restore it. At first, it seemed like an idea that couldn’t be realized. She did not do it alone with the help of other colleagues.

not your problem about forgeting a phone number, and also it might because they changed it

I had a similar problem recently. I registered “number A” with “FIVERR I”, disabled “FIVERR I” because I had a bad profile name. I started “FIVERR II” and “number A” isn’t available to use anymore… I used “number B” for “FIVER II” temporarily, thinking customer service will be able to fix it.

I contacted FIVERR customer service, they reactivate “FIVERR I” so I can “change number A to another number”… but I don’t have a third number, so it can’t be done.

The same applies to both email and phone numbers. You need to replace the old number (or email) with another, to be able to use the number you want.

just contact the CS
and provide with necessary information

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and done

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Hello are you from indonesia can i talk with you about reseting phone in other apps? please i need an help

sure you can dm me from instagram @artofzall

please check up your dm

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I don’t see any DM, maybe you can go to