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Forgot security question answer

I forgot my Fiverr security question answer. I will try several time to contact Fiverr community but they can’t response me. What can I do now?

@Woofy31 I think it’s a system bug.


The Fiverr Community (aka. the Fiverr users & Forum members) cannot help you with that - we’re not admins, so have no access to Fiverr’s system or internals. You have to contact Customer Support instead, and ask them to help you :wink: But you need to have patience with them giving you a response, so don’t force them to reply quick, and don’t send them multiple messages saying the same things or asking the same thing as that could be flagged.

Also, as far as I remember, the security questions are very-very easy, pertaining to you and your life experiences, and should have an answer that only you know, so I don’t quite understand how one can forget their answer :confused: For example, if I’m asked what my first pet’s name is, I know the answer and cannot ever forget that :slight_smile:

Are you 100% you actually forgot the answer?

Or the answer you know to be true doesn’t work anymore? Because if it’s the latter, then it is most likely a bug, as I’ve seen others saying that they’re answers aren’t working anymore.


If you have your phone number verified with your Fiverr account there is no need to answer the security question in order to change your password or to change some other privacy/security information on your Fiverr account.

I had the same issue and I contacted customer support as my security question wasn’t working and I wanted to change my password. They told me to delete my cache and cookies and try again, after doing it I was able to change my password using a code I’ve got from a text message.


contact support
I think they will ask for scan copy of your goverment ID and and after verify it they will send a link for new security question in your email

They do not ask anything. I am trying again & again but they don’t give me any answer.

If you ask CS too many times and don’t have patience to receive a reply, they could then ignore the ticket :frowning:

Please, everybody don’t let me be doomed.

I forgot my security question answer or maybe it is a bug from fiverr when I enter my security question’s answer, they keep saying “Your Answer Is Incorrect” and I want to withdraw from my account to use the money for something important within the next 24 hours but they keep asking for my security question’s answer.

Moreso, when I contacted them, they mailed me and say that "They will not be able to help me if I don’t remember my security question’s answer.

What do I do now???
Please help me out. Please.

If Fiverr CS can’t help then I’m afraid we can’t either. If you don’t know your security answer, we’ve got no chance!


But fiverr is supposed to help me regain my Security question because I have verified this my account “Bestappbuilder” with my phone number

I think the phone verification is an extra layer of security for withdrawals etc. - it doesn’t replace the basic security.

There are only a limited number of security questions - are you sure you can’t remember the answer? It’s the only thing you can do really. Sorry!

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How do we know what the answer is?

No one can tell you the answer. You are supposed to know it.

The one who originally gave the answer when they filled it out is the one who knows it and as far as I can tell it is doing its job. It is keeping out anyone who does not know the answer.


Please help me out @offlinehelpers

I really need your help

I’d love to help you if I could, I’m sure we all would, but there really isn’t anything any of us can do.

Good luck!

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But I think we need to protest and tell fiverr that there should be way to regain our security question or there should be another way to withdraw from our fiverr account without using Security question or answer. If security answer is the only way, then why did we verify our accounts? WHY??

There is ought to be another way that fiverr can take by sending a code to our Phone numbers that we used to verify our accounts.

Or what do you think??? @offlinehelpers??


I wouldn’t protest that Fiverr is looking after our security by not allowing us access if we can’t answer a question that we set the answer to.

Quite the reverse - sorry.

As users, we’re responsible for setting and knowing our answers.

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That’s exactly what hackers want - why would you want that? To allow hackers to hack your and our accounts?

I had my account hacked and money stolen because there was no security question in the past… I don’t want that to happen again :wink:


Now, what do you think i can do?? I’m really undergoing hard time. Please Mr Woofy31 @Woofy31??

E joo, mo f’oruko Olorun be yin, e ran mi lowo

Why are you writing in another language that I don’t understand?.. This forum should be in English as it’s the common ground for all of us.

And if Customer Support couldn’t help you, then the only thing left for you to do is try really hard to remember.


You can beg all you want but as long as you don’t know the answer to your own security question we can’t help you.

Think! What is that answer?