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Forgot Security Question Answer :(


My security question has been temporarily locked. I can not withdraw money. I already send a message in CS and waiting for their response. If they asked for NID card scan copy, I will unable to send it because I haven’t any NID card. So what can I do now? :’(


You need to ask CS that question. If they ask for a copy of your NID card, tell them that you don’t have one and ask them if they would accept a copy of whatever ID document you have with you to prove your identity. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone on the forum can help you out with this as we are all sellers and buyers just like yourself. You will have to get it sorted with CS.

Good luck! :snowflake:


try to remember bro. I have faced the same thing about 3 days ago. My issue is i have my SQ & that is right 100%. but fiverr told that is wrong. but that SQ ans is right. But the security question has been temporarily locked. The next day i have cleared browser cookie & i have tried again but again fiverr are telling it is wrong. then after some moment, I have tried again & lucky that time fiverr accept my SQ ans. Dont’t know why it would happens but i advise you to try simple & common ans & remember it always thanks


Thank you so much guys for sharing your experience. Solved :slight_smile: