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Forgot to add JPG/PNG for Live Portfolio

I forgot to add a JPG/PNG while delivering an order. Is it possible to add the file now? [so that it is visible in live portfolio]
My live portfolio option is turned on.
Please tell me what should I do…

If the order is in the “delivered” state but not yet the “complete” state there should be an option near the top of the order screen to “Redeliver”. If it’s complete you can’t but if the buyer ordered a file and you haven’t delivered it you could send it in the Fiverr message system.

Even if your live portfolio is turned on and you attach an image on delivery/re-delivery and the buyer reviews it the buyer still has the option to un-select the image when reviewing to make it not show in the portfolio/review if they want. They also have the option not to review at all and that would also make any image not show in the portfolio.

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