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Forgot to give review

I am a new seller. I forgot to give the buyer a review after completing the order. Is there any other way I can give the buyer a review again?


You should still be able to go to their order page and give them a review.


Can u please
describe me…

If they left you a review, you can rate them from 1 to 5 stars in the order page. If they didn’t review you yet, it won’t give you the prompt.


ohh…he didn’t give…
but he able to give any review now?

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After you deliver and the order is completed or accepted, he can choose to leave a review. Whether he does that or not is up to him.

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You can only leave a review as a seller after the buyer has left a review for you.

Hello there, client can give reviews after the order completed till 10 days. Hope you will get a 5 Star.

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the order is complete…he gives a tip…
but no review…is it possible for him to give me review now?

Yes, it is possible within 10 days of the order completing, but you should not ask him to leave a review. Discussing or asking for a review can lead to a warning.

Some buyers do not like to leave reviews, and that is completely fine.


But be careful because some buyers don’t leave a review on purpose. Because they can take advantage when they reach out to you for help and if you deny. They can opt to leave a bad review.

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thanks a lot everyone…


You can still give feedback to your buyers on the order page.

That’s a terrible way to look at things. Automatically assuming all buyers are out to get ya.

The OP said the buyer left a gratuity. It means they were very happy with what they got.

I stopped leaving reviews because of privacy reasons, not because I want to blackmail the seller.

Just saying. :unamused:


That’s true. But I’ve mentioned “SOME BUYERS” I know someone who went through such situations and my intention was to let the OP aware of such circumstances and I wasn’t intending to say the OP’s buyer’s intention was this.

I just provided a hint, it’s not like I was thinking negatively about it. After all. Not leaving a review is better than worst review.

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