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Forgotten secret question, need suggestion on action plan

Hello dear,
I need some serious help, i am in deep waters at the moment.
I am a level one seller and just forgot my secret question’s answer and i am unable due to certain reasons to provide the documents asked by fiverr support.
I have been able to withdraw funds today, fiverr didn’t ask for any secret question before with drawing.
I need to ask 1) does fiverr ask every time the secret question before withdrawing the funds from revenue card( Payoneer) or just once while linking the revenue card for the first time?

Should i continue with ease without fear of anything related to the secret question in future? or start an other account from scratch?

I am good with it as long as i am able to withdraw funds.

Please help

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There’s a reason why Fiverr demands documents of identification: too many hackers trying to get their hands on our accounts. I wish Fiverr had this type of security back in the day before I had lost my money to hackers.

So if you can’t remember your security answer, and you can’t give Fiverr proper identification, there’s no way to bypass the security answer message. Basically you’re not letting Fiverr help you by not giving them what they requested from you :confused:

As for your questions: some people seem to be asked one time about the security answer, others are asked multiple times, I once was asked before each withdrawal - but I now feel safe against hackers with this type of security design :wink:

Also note that having multiple accounts is not allowed either.

P.S. it’s hard for many of us to understand how people forget their security answers, considering that those security questions are really simple and only you should know them & remember them with great ease (I hope you haven’t set your security answer to look like a password, with symbols and all that, that’s not how it was designed)

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You could go and change your security question to something you will remember (settings->security), or change it and you could write it down in a very secure place that no one else will ever see.

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She won’t be able - she’ll have to first remember & enter the current security answer before setting a new question/answer. Otherwise anyone would easily be able to take control over any account :slight_smile:


I didn’t know - I haven’t set one yet. But there is an “I Forgot” option there too, maybe that will help. Unless it just says to contact CS, which she has already done. If it sent an email link to reset it it would help.

  • When withdrawing, I only need to click the link Fiverr sends to my email. They could change that at anytime they see fit, from today to tomorrow.
  • I had to change my password a few times because of some bug, I did not need my security answer for that but got a code on my phone. But if you haven´t done the phone verification yet, you might need the security question answer for that, plus Fiverr could randomly change how it´s done, from phone verification to security answer, it´s not as if they´d not change other things randomly all of a sudden.

I think you´d need the security question´s answer if you ever need to change your email or payment info, which might happen at an inconvenient time (hackers hacking your account, you needing money urgently…) so it may be best to avoid that situation.

Whether the best action plan is to close this and open a new account or to try to convince Customer Support of giving you another chance at a security question/answer you´ll be able to remember or write down by proving your identity to them in another way, depends mainly on how many reviews you have on this account, I´d say.

Personally, I wouldn´t be at ease without knowing my security question answer and the longer you´ll have an account, and the more reviews you´ll have, the more annoying it probably will be to have to ‘give it up’, so I´d take care of the issue rather sooner than later. But it´s your account, you need to know for yourself. :four_leaf_clover:


That really helped! Thank you so much


I only needed my secret question answer when I changed my phone number.


Ah, good to know, important one.


But I am typing correct answer, why they are saying wrong. I also have no problem in any verification.

Contact fiverr CS immediately