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Form W-9 and Social Security Number

Hello Fiverr.

My name is Long Pham and I’m new to the platform. I’m hoping to create a gig and start selling soon. However, I understand that sellers have to submit Form W-9’s which includes inputting and giving our social security numbers. How safe is it to give our social security number to Fiverr through the Form W-9? Most importantly, who at Fiverr are we giving our Form W-9 and social security numbers to, and can they be trusted?

I hope someone can respond soon. Thank you.

Long Pham

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Fiverr is pretty a safe online platform for all freelancers. However, I wouldn’t rely on Fiverr as a full time job for a quick income. But of course, we all (as a U.S. citizens) must submit W-9 form and SS# through Fiverr via profile setting before create a gigs. So good luck with your sales!

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if you are not from usa, just ignore it

Have you read this yet?