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Formating Issues in Gigs


I was wondering if everyone had the same issue as I have.

I make sure that my Gigs have detailed descriptions with bullets, bold font (where appropriate) etc.

However, while the formatting is present while I edit the Gig, it is gone in final description - I guess Iā€™m lucky that the new lines remain, otherwise it would have been a mass oā€™ text.

Anyone else noticed this? :confused:


Reply to @silentchapel: Hello


I re-edited mine, even though they looked ok in the edit window, by re-creating them formats started working again.


Actually, mine were working, and with the new page layouts, all mine broke. Not sure what gives.


Thanks for the prompt reply! I suppose only I can do is wait. :slight_smile:


Had the same issue, but for me it suddenly changed and the formatting was as intended. It did take several days though.


Or try a different browser.