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Formatted Gig Descriptions


Isn’t it wonderful if we can format our Gig Descriptions? Take a look at the sample gigs image attached; same gig, same description; different format.

The top one is our current default format with no ‘carriage return’ whatsoever.

The below is my dream Gig Description, where we can allow carriage return/new line, use color, change text typeface or styles etc.

Please make this happen. EASIER on the eyes and easier for potential buyers to read and not miss anything. Thank you! :-B


Yes…Good Idea…I also like that if it is available…


I have felt that way since the beginning. everyones gig descriptions are crammed tight into a little space and have absolutely no visual benefit whatsoever to the gig.


This has been something that has annoyed me from the start. It’s difficult to make the information easy to read when there are no paragraphs etc. which leads to most buyers refusing to read the full amount.

Also, having different colours really will help certain parts stand out so buyers are drawn to requests to contact the seller first or to make them aware of certain things that they will not do. It won’t catch all awkward buyers but the majority of them.


Yes,Ifullyagreewithyou-it’saboutasifficulttoreadasthisis :wink:

A simple RTF editor like evilbay would be good - as would the option of adding a proper linked URL to any Flickr pages with samples.


I agree. Some limited HTML would work. I think Fiverr is limiting the HTML, but I cannot read people’s gig descriptions when I want to purchase.


I’d shy away from HTML, most folks just don’t understand how it works - simple RTF editing like a basic text editor is easier to handle for them.


yeah formatting should be allowed sometimes it become very difficult to understand the gigs.


I also agree 200%. As a buyer it can be very hard to read descriptions as they are now. I have seen people attempt to block and highlight certain points with dashes, stars, etc. and while I appreciate why they do it, it ends up looking slightly unprofessional. As does a solid paragraph of information.

It is unnatural to read like that, and I think people generally like to read as little and as quickly as possible. So bullet points just make sense. Your post is a perfect example of what a gig should look like. I would love to see this implemented in the very near future, both as a buyer and potential future seller!


OMG, It’s very good idea! like like like.


I posted in a seperate post about a new widget I have started to use, this is the type of sitaution that we could use embedded/html code to benefit our sales on fiverr


Indeed it does OBG, this is something I have been thinking since I started on here. lol


We should really all be “Liking” this one so it gets the development manager’s attention. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed to see this change made!


Theres the Customer Care Manager Talking again.


I don’t care about colors or text size but PLEASE, can I at least make my text look readable instead of a tl;dr wall of text. I’ve tried to simplify my gig descriptions as much as possible but the bare minimum still looks terrible without any spacing. UGH it can’t be that hard to add this in.


Oh sweet merciful cupcakes. If we could format our gig descriptions- even just paragraph breaks!- I would love Fiverr forever.


Great idea! Maybe even have the gig area as a form that you can fill in so it’d be more organized.


Definitely a must

ceceliavo said: Great idea! Maybe even have the gig area as a form that you can fill in so it'd be more organized.

Love it!


@hotwebideas why thank you :slight_smile: