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Foro in spanish?

I need to know if it will be a foro in spanish? I have several cuestions.

@xmendezpuntocom Creo que la gente del foro creen que están haciendo los mensajes falsos porque hay muchos puestos de nuevo a la espalda . Trate de Google Translate y escribir sus preguntas en español y traducirlo al Inglés . Después de leer sus mensajes , yo creo que realmente necesita ayuda. Yo no soy de mucha ayuda ya que soy nuevo a mí mismo , pero a lo mejor hago un solo puesto con sus preguntas en Inglés .

I wrote: I think people on the forum believe you are making fake posts because there are so many posts back to back. Try Google Translate and write your questions in Spanish and translate it to English. After reading your posts, I do think you really need assistance. I am not much help since I am new myself, but maybe do a single post with your questions in English.

Reply to @feltonlegal: Thanks. I did assume that the posts were sales because of the number (and the glaring logo) so I’m glad you wrote this. Given that, I’ll edit my other response. Hopefully the OP can summarize the posts at least, regardless of the language.

@fonthaunt, don’t feel bad, it looked Spammish to me too! Plus the logo really sticks out in the forums and 9 times out of 10 thats the sign of a spammer.

Reply to @feltonlegal: Nice of you to say and I suspect that you are a nice person from your even-handed responses. I’m jaded from my ancient experience on Fiverr. Ok, I can’t use that excuse because I haven’t even been here a year either. :smiley: With your positive attitude and good communication skills you are off to a good start for Fiverr!

@fonthaunt- thanks!!!

Thanks for your comments.

I can write in english, but I would to talk about fiverr, with others latin people too.

Thank you

Reply to @xmendezpuntocom: That’s fine. I obviously am not Latina so I won’t try to advise you further.