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Fortnite Carry Very Cheap! $5


I will carry anyone for only $5. I have a 5.5 with 1700 wins. Check my Gig Post!


How can you offer a service when you do not even have any gigs? :thinking:


Your gig starts at 20$


started a new one but are you interested i will sell for cheap


i will sell for cheap i accidently screw up.


I will change the category to My Fiverr Gigs and you can put a link to your gig in your original post. (Use the little edit pen to put the full Fiverr link).
Don’t put it in the heading … just the post.


Lol, :rofl: You are talking to a silver-haired grandma. I can tell fortnite is a video game, but I have no idea about what you mean when you say "I will carry anyone for $5. That sounds like a lot of work, and believe me you would not want to carry me! :flushed:

However, maybe you could carry my shopping :shopping: from my :oncoming_automobile: car to my :house: house if you are :muscle:!


I think what he/she means is he/she can be a “carry hero” (it’s a gamer language) :sunglasses::+1:

There are: Hard Carry, Mid/Semi Carry, Offlaner, Roaming Support/Jungler, and Hard Support. (usually).


I have adult sons and grandchildren that play video games, and I have watched them. I kind of understood what @keafyxd meant. However, I could not resist having a bit of fun with him. :wink:


:rofl: ngahahahaha :crazy_face:


what games do they play? I want to play online games again but don’t know what’s good for me. :roll_eyes: