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Forum Abbreviations & The Fiverr Forum Search Field


A lot of forum newbies are sometimes frustrated by all the abbreviations going on around here… CS, OP, VS, ETC, WTH… what the… OK, so the last three were made up :stuck_out_tongue:

Now here’s a ‘glossary’ topic where everyone can list their most used abbreviations so we all know what the heck we are talking about :smiley:

Seller Related

  1. TRS: Top Rated Seller

  2. FSS: Fiverr Super Seller

  3. OD: Over Deliver (yeah, we all thought it was something else :P)

Gig Related

  1. LP: Live Portfolio

  2. EFD: Extra Fast Delivery

  3. PGV: Promo Gig Video (aka, the seller's listing video)

Fiverr Related

  1. CS: Customer Support

  2. TOS: Terms Of Service (duh!)

  3. TOU: Terms Of Use

Forum Related

  1. OP: Original Post / Original Poster (depending on the context)

  2. SF: Search Field (no, not Science Fiction)

  3. WT5: What The Fiverr?!

Fiverr Forum Search Field

(up, to the right.. no!! upper! and a bit more, noo.. to the top right, jeesh!)

Sick of wandering around the forums in search for something? Having a hard time finding your place? Learn more about the magic behind the almighty Search Field right here:
and finally, last but not least:

OBG: @oldbittygrandma (she's so awesome and a top forum member, thus she deserves her own spot in the glossary)

So, what abbreviations do you use on a regular basis?

P.S. to make this list more interactive and this topic much easier to read, I will try to regularly update this first message with whatever you guys put BELOW (as long as it's relevant).


Wow, look at you being all “” LOL Woofy31 thank you.


Really a newbie need to know all these abbrevations… Thanks on behalf of all newbies…bro…


Reply to @madmoo: done! check the new layout :wink:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: new feature added - abbreviation categories :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: updated the list, thanks a lot :smiley: now we’re getting somewhere :wink:


Reply to @musiclover: Yes, I’ve seen it, too, and I also thought it was referring to overdosing :)) Good catch, musiclover, I’ll put it to the top :wink:


Reply to @dins_cool: you’re all very welcome :slight_smile:


I don’t use this, but I noticed a lot of people using OD, and at first I was like, “Overdosed”. LOL, but for the newbies, it means Over Delivered. :slight_smile:


Reply to @Woofy31: LOL


Reply to @arnevb: thanks, appreciate it :wink:


Reply to @princemaxx: :)) are you referring to this topic, or is that actually an abbreviation? Because I haven’t seen it used before :stuck_out_tongue:



this post is awesome


I’m not sure if it’s a common fiverr forum-ism, but in my day job, this is used almost exclusively when ‘mental replying’ to clients, and even with my limited experience here, I’m sure it will apply in the fiverrverse… KMA. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: but what does it mean? What’s the non-abbreviated version? :slight_smile:


madmoo wins the prize! :smiley:


A “must-read” guide!! Thank you


How about WTF? "Where’s The Fiverr?!"

It could be used when someone inboxes you over and over again about a gig without ever ordering one…lol.

Buyer: "hey can you do something like this?"

Seller: "sure, here are some examples."

Buyer: "well how about something like this?"

Seller: "absolutely, I am very versatile, just order a gig and I will get started!"

Buyer: "well I want to be sure I like it. can it be done like this?"

Seller: “WTF?!?!?”



Reply to @jive_a_five: :)) that is genius, but I don’t know if it’s safe to use since it has always been used with the ‘other’ meaning - people might think you are using bad language :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @Woofy31: How about using “WT5r” or just “WT5” instead?