Forum Appears to be Back Up


Upate: My original post is below, but as of the evening of November 10, I cleared my cookies and cache again and the forum returned to working order for me.

Previous Outage Message that applied to part of 11/8 and went through part of 11/10:

I don’t have anything official to report, but for me the forum appears to be in a state of suspended animation. I am able to post though it takes a long time and I cannot open posts to respond overall. I’m not sure what is causing it although we did get an official update much earlier than outages should be expected today.

It is the same maintenance that has been ongoing for several weeks and right now it seems to be causing a major problem with functionality. I just wanted to post this for anyone who can see it so they would know it was not just them. Hope your sales grow while the forum takes a nap! :slight_smile:


Strange, I’m at work right now and I basically have no problems accessing the forum ( even though the forum format looks completely different),
but at home I can’t. I thought the forum was down for a while… I guess I’ll have to do the cookie/cache clearing too?

Good news is I am still getting orders so it’s OK, but checking the forum is part of my weekly process, it feels strange when I can’t access it…


The forum was down for awhile, but it seems to be back up for me and others I’ve asked. Some have had to clear cache/cookies in their browser first and some have not. If you can see the forum fine at work but not at home and you are logged in the same way at both, I would try clearing cookies/cache on your home browsers.

The regular site wasn’t affected by this outage. The forum was updated in a few areas. It probably isn’t over since there is no like or vote right now and there are some display issues in some categories like Fiverr FAQ and Suggestions. Hopefully this will all be an improvement to speed and the way the forum is used, but we shall see!


Had the same issue, reported to CS as well… Now I am back on Forum…


My forum posts are not showing up— let’s see if this one does.


I see it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


My posts, should be 2 by now lol, to your suggestion to trash the ‘industry-question’ don´t show up to me, seems to be that section for me atm only.


I haven’t been able to access the forum for two days. Glad I can now. I wonder how long for though…


I´m glad the workaround at least works again for me, but in spite of cache clearing, no main page, still the 502 error.

today I can access main page again, it´s still slow, but works


Yes I saw that.
Then there were 100 “attachments” on that thread, all sorts of pictures, so I requested from customer support to delete the whole mess.


Have one of those attachment threads too, and the really frightening thing is that I didn´t even freak out that I did soemthing stupid but right away thought ‘oh sure, why not this too’ :wink: