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Forum Archive?

I see that the mods have been busy little bees lately so maybe this has been implemented and I just haven’t seen it yet. If so, pardon my post. :slight_smile:

Could we please have an archive for ‘old’ threads? I know it’s a very common complaint that folks repeat the same topics/questions over and over again. Sometimes it’s just plain laziness, but often it’s because the existing threads are months or years old. Trying to sift through dozens of comments to find the newest ‘answer’ is frustrating and there are plenty of occasions where the answer is inaccurate even if it’s only a few days old.

Terms of Service and site functionality change so often here, it’s almost impossible to find reliable information (if it even exists), it would be very helpful if the outdated threads were put somewhere for browsing without getting in the way of current particulars.

Thanks for replying MODmoo. It’s reassuring and also unsettling when the sheriffs aren’t privy to the law either. :wink:

Funny you have started this thread, I was going to ask the same thing :wink: . I keep reading this old threads some of them even from 2012/2013 that keep popping up here on the forum.
Also a big thank you to all the sheriffs and forum mods for investing so much of your personal time to clean up this lovely but sometimes annoying forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info @fonthaunt!

Reply to @madmoo: it gives you an excuse to wear white patent knee boots as well.

Reply to @annai80: We are trying to close a lot of those old threads now with re-directs to active threads or just resolutions. Plus, as some of you have seen, there is some ongoing effort to create a category for duplicates if it is possible.

I am also adding for @itsyourthing who supplied this idea - when I’ve had time, I have been trying to look for some of the older posts. If you are looking for them, a search for the word archived may yield results. Like the [RESOLVED] addition we put on titles in Fiverr FAQ, I have been using an [ARCHIVED] tag for some of the oldies. We do not yet know how much may be ported over if a new forum is implemented, and we also don’t know if the closures or other changes will stick. The titles are more likely, so hopefully it will be easier to find those if a new forum emerges from the ashes. :slight_smile: