Forum been so sleepy lately. We need a good fight


I declare that Vanilla is the best ice cream flavor. Anyone wanna disagree, I’ll meet you in the alley.


Wrong! Chocolate Chips! Fight me!!!



Let’s do this!


Wait till Pistachio gets here.


You mean this guy?


Ha, no actually the Spumoni guy:


I think you and I are the last remaining members of the forum. I’m gonna use the F word just to see if anyone else is left alive.


What happened to all the fighting?


The forum seems to have been reduced to:

I cannot mek sell, halp me
I cannot get sales help me
my paypal broken help me
i suck help me.

Even the mods are not showing up. Forum dying?


Aside from the “paypal broken” issue, the others are more interesting to me than another waffle-athon about choosing a type of food/fruit/vegetable/ass-cream etc.
If things are too boring, as a certain someone used to say be the change you want to see.


Hi @eoinfinnegan I have really missed seeing you on here. A Happy Easter wish to you.


Pretty accurate :joy: also as for the flavoring…chocolate will always and forever be superior.


I’m so glad you are all so concerned about the Paypal issue! It’s so nice to get so much support at this time. This outpouring of empathy is underwhelming.


Been busy with my annual impersonation job. I got 3 days off now before I have to make a brief appearance and then I will be finished and back to normal.


You should contact CS about that.


I’m spreading the agony right here.


Is it seriously not resolved?


I wouldn’t be here moaning about it if it was.


It’s the only thing of those that forum people cant really help with.
Whether it is a site bug, an issue on Paypal’s side, an issue with your Paypal account or the result of you casting a curse removal spell - I have zero abilities in any of those areas. Obviously I hope it will be fixed for you asap but its not a discussion I want to be involved in.