Forum/Blog Comments - Is it worth it?


I have a gig that offers blog or forum comments. Mine is at the rate of 10 comments per gig. I offer extensive comment meaning comments with at least 3 sentences and well engaging with the thread. Some buyers are in need of a lot of comments and they are repeating buyers. So I would offer say 40 comments for 3 gigs instead of 30. Apart from that, my work is good and I do small revisions in case there is a problem.

Will you do more than this if the buyer demands you to offer more for a particular number of gig? Especially when you need to set up own usernames/password etc and make sure its not spammy too. I see some offer even 3 comments per gig and they have good number of sales still. I personally wouldn’t compromise profit with the quality of my work.

Blog/forum commenters, care to share your thoughts?

thanking you in advance


I had buyers who claimed that other sellers were willing to do more than triple my limit in a gig. I respectfully declined. (They wanted 700 word reviews when I advertised a 200 word limit). There was no harm in their asking me but I don’t write essays for reviews, especially for products I have no experience with.


I think in this case, it would be basically up to you. If you can handle that work load for your own set prices then I’d say leave it the way it is if its working well. I am sure there will be some whom will claim they can get a better deal or even say X seller is providing Y… well then if they saw that as a deal, how come they didn’t just buy their gig?


Reply to @cheezees: yeah I can do revisions for them if at all there is any issues and I am always clear in my communication and give them what they exactly need. So i feel I have the quality there. this happened to me mostly on the comment gig. they would say they need more but I saw even someone with 3 comments per gig has more orders. So why not just pay the price for the quality.

thanks for responding. i was kind of blur but i declined the offer.


Reply to @mirenbaines: I feel basically it is not worth it. I have offered one gig FREE for the purchase of THREE gigs. he wants more claiming they only work with 15 comments/gig whereas I offer 10 comments. It doesn’t even guarantees they will be my long term customers


That’s a lot of work for a $12 profit. I would decline the extra work. If buyers’ excuse is “other sellers offer more”, then they should order from them then. That’s so annoying to me. Don’t tell me what other sellers are doing, you’re obviously contacting me because you know I got the goods. Lol. Jas, continue to run your fiverr business how you want to, and don’t let buyers try to get over on you.


Reply to @musiclover: thank you soooo much and in fact this is annoying. I have actually worked with people OVER-DELIVERING surely. I saw a gig today which only had an average of 2 mins video for 5 mins video that is initially offered in the gig. does the video uploaded on the sample shows the entire part of the video or just part of it is visible to the public?


I feel buyers should acknowledge sellers’ good communication skill and the ability to deliver what has been promised

musiclover said: I would decline the extra work. If buyers' excuse is "other sellers offer more", then they should order from them then. That's so annoying to me.

Exactly! Don't let anyone try to bully or guilt you into doing more work. Like @musiclover said - if the 'other' seller is so awesome, let them buy from them instead (if they even exist).


Reply to @itsyourthing: true enough. I made a $5 video and she is coming to buy another extras for $20


im overdelivering her surely. we can only do extra on what we can afford to do, not something they demand for


yeah I can do revisions for them if at all there is any issues and I am always clear in my communication and give them what they exactly need.


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As long as you are happy with the return, then it’s all worth it.


Some of the time, restricting your offer and limiting the work is much better than extending it just for the sake of money. As explained earlier, 250 words of article is much better for product we don’t have experience with than offering 700 word. Same goes for many other promotional gigs.


Reply to @chaihock: Thank you so much. Hearing this from a TRS sounds good!


Reply to @kjblynx: spammers are everywhere :slight_smile:


Reply to @ryuken: Exactly what I’m doing right now because I’m not offering anything beyond ten comments and in fact if the work is tedious I charge the same but for less work. And same goes to my article gig too because sometimes website reviews can take some time to collect info. I just updated my writing gig and obviously my customer is still happy. :slight_smile: