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Forum brought me bad fortune? :(

Hi Guys

Yesterday I posted for the first time after being on Fiverr for four months …
I was excited, and happy that I finally posted, because I got a lot of help reading the forum.

Hours after my first post, got an email that my gig has been removed for copyright violation :scream: . It was my best performing gig, I already have (had) plans on how to make it even better! I think I might have attracted unnecessary attention on the forum, or unwanted competition?

As far as I know, All the plugins I was installing on customer sites I had a right to use on unlimited customers.

For that matter, I made sure to read each and every plugin terms before buying. Those that exclusively stated that the plugins are not to be sold as a service on any market place such as Fiverr, I stayed away from!

Did I lose the gig because of the forum? Or was I just having a bad day? Maybe it’s the latter, because I also found that my 8 year old daughter has Appendicitis, and she was operated same time.

Now I would like advice on the forum, how do I go about this? How do I know which plugin/plugins that are in violation? As far as I know, non of them should be.

Please advise guys, because CS said I should contact them if I have questions.

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Maybe you should contact CS with a list of plugins you often use and see if there is a problem with any of them. I have zero experience in website building or what ever it is your service offers, so I can’t really advise you on your next move. Good luck and i hope your daughter is okay.

Thank man, she’s pretty strong …
I have contacted CS, I’m waiting for their response.