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(forum bug, fixed!)


Just a heads up: when people click your name on the forum now they will see the name you gave, or not, when you signed up, so if you gave a real name there and don´t want it shown - you can´t change it on the forum (at least I can´t, not sure if there´s an option for that past ‘basic user’ level), but you’ll have to change it in your account settings on your global fiverr account, it´s under ‘Settings’ > ‘Account Settings’.

You can see what I mean, when you click my username in this post, you´ll see ‘Mila’ too. It´s fine for me like that, but in case your username is e.g. ‘user1234567’ and you gave fiverr your real but very rare name and don´t want to risk that your neighbour knows it´s you or something :wink: better go and change it.

ETA: My only intention is to make those whose clear names still show aware of it, so they can change their names to something else, if they want to.
I’m going to edit the title once this will have been fixed (Or how about mailing people whose names still show, if it´s technically viable, so they can change it, if wanted?), and from my side I´ll be happy if the thread will be tucked away by mods or admins then, I assume most or all other posters too, can´t speak for them though of course.



Hi Millia, this was fixed for new users and we will remove existing ones as well soon.


Ah, I see, good to know, thanks!

edit: I edited the title, so in case some existing users see it, they can change it if they care, and new ones won´t get a shock :wink:

Great that it´s possible to change one´s posts’ titles now in such cases btw!


As per fiverr’s privacy policy, names are kept hidden from other users. So this violates the longstanding policy.




My name has been revealed, while that’s not a big deal to me, it was supposed to be confidential. So I don’t understand why this mistake was made.


My real name was revealed. Very irritated about that.


That´s about my attitude too. I do get that mistakes happen, but I´m astonished that something like that hadn´t been caught by anyone testing the new forum. It´s not that clicking on user names is the last thing anyone would think of doing.

I was surprised too, that the username I chose when signing up would be public, I thought it´s more an internal unique name to identify a user and for all the background processes, and that we´d be able to choose a (of course unique too) ‘public display name’, but that´s off-topic of course. still it might be good to get a clear indication at registering that the name one chooses will be the one seen publicly, will revert to lower case, as I think not just me might have chosen a different name in that case.

Well, I hope it gets fixed soon for everyone and that the people who do care about the name being displayed either noticed themselves or saw this thread and change the name to their username or whatever.


I can tell you from personal experience that nothing is private.


Ah this explains how people started finding me on fb today.


For already existing members, it doesn’t matter if it gets fixed or not. Names are already out there cached and archived.


Btw @ryangillam was that a joke? (I thought your name WAS Ryan Gillam…)

If so, then…lol


Well, it matters in so far that probably most people who read the forum will simply click the name to follow the link to the page, if it´s there, or to see other posts by someone, and good. Also there will be a lot of names nobody might click at all, until it will be fixed (edited to add: the longer it won´t be fixed, the higher the chances of someone clicking the name and seeing the clear-name, if any given).
It wasn´t my intention to downplay this, but fixing it does matter.


Still the names that were displayed on the user list are out there forever.
There has just been too many serious screws ups the last couple of years with both the main site and forums.


Nice job giving the link for the user list! Not sure where you found it but that’s helpful to see.



Ah there it is thanks! You’re way up there! :slight_smile: You must be highly competitive.


Just too much free time atm.


You mean you´re not competitive generally, or only when you don´t have too much time? :slight_smile:
Oh but that reminds me, I should go and check what Johnny “Mnemonic” Fiverr and Godzilla are up to.


All names were removed. User list also inaccessible.
Prior, most users had only first name showing.