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Forum effect on our sales?

Hello guys how are you doing?
I want to know that take part in discussions and spend time on the Fiverr forum really affects our sales?

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Why don’t you hang out a bit and see for yourself? :slight_smile:

Just don’t spam, be constructive in your posts.

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I am not spamming I am just want to clear my doubt.

I said don’t spam around the forum in your next posts, I was not talking about this post.

The forum is a separate platform to Fiverr. Activity on the forums doesn’t directly affect your sales. However, many people who spend a lot of time reading the forum will find dozens of tips to help improve the appearance of their profile and gigs. When they apply these tips, most report that they do see some improvements in their statistics. So, indirect, being on the forum can help, if you’re willing to learn and work.


That’s exactly it.

Some people think that saying “Great tips” and “Thank you” is going to get them sales.

Which of course …. it isn’t!