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Is it okay for a buyer to appear aggressive and say he will give a “nasty review” - his words- even before delivering the order, if the order has been delayed by 1-day? It’s my fault for sure for delaying the order…I have already sent him 1200 words out of 5000 words of a rewriting order, and also shown him the copyscape results - which it has cleared…It’s 10 pm here and I have been writing since 5 am, so I can’t continue. I told him I would do it in the morning. He is angry and says I am unprofessional - which is true in this case…so here’s the thing…if I deliver the order, I will 100% get a 1-star “nasty review” from him, if the order gets cancelled - it will just be “order cancelled for late delivery” …jeez…I will finish the order tomorrow morning anyway…but I am sure I will get a nasty review for my efforts. It’s my fault, but it’s a dilemma for sure. Do let me know your opinion, I will check them out in the morning after getting up. Thanks guys!

Is it okay? The buyer is upset, I guess its his right to express it lol. I guess the best thing out of the situation is to offer him an additional extra service now or later… To make up for customer service… Offering something can cool the blaze off, and if he won’t be as “angry” then maybe he will re-consider the poor review.

So can do it in this sequence… Apologize, acknowledge you that it was unprofessional to be late. (people love to know they are “right”) tell him you will make it up with maybe additional service or something… and deliver the work. (the buyers flames can then be cooled off and can reason with him on a more leveled playing field.)

Just my opinion.

The thing is, no matter what you offer him, you cannot control what he says in the review. If you initiate the cancellation, will it show up as “failed to deliver on time”? I don’t think so, but I am not sure.
Perhaps you could ask him what you can do to make it right, to make up for the late delivery. See what he says, he may ask for something reasonable. Get the work done asap and then have a final discussion with him before delivering. You may need to take this bad review but remember how many positive reviews you have!

LOL…he is too angry for that, very, very angry, he will give me a negative review no matter what. :slight_smile:

True…it’s my fault for delaying the order - I have been very busy last 2 months - so I will just take it on the chin, do the order to the best of my ability in the morning, deliver and take the negative review with a smile :slight_smile: As the great Hindu text BHagwad Gita said, do your duty, don’t worry about the consequences.

Just make sure to use your review to explain what happened and apologize! A good reply can neutralize a bad review!

Or, as another old saying goes, “Kill them with kindness.”

Be friendly, considerate and level-headed, no matter what the buyer chooses to do.

Absolutely, when I say “A good reply” I mean one which shows other potential clients how well you act when things don’t go your way! I don’t mean a good comeback!

You MAY have a chance with customer support to help you if you take a screenshot of the threat. Good luck.

You are a hard worker and I don’t know how you do it, writing for so many hours would just give me a stroke. Best of luck with this issue. You might want to consider bumping up your delivery time.

My delivery time is already very high…anyway…I will just do my best as I always do…I feel certain that he will give me a negative review, but I will make sure my work is perfect, regardless.

A nasty aggressive person is asking to be cancelled.

Can I cancel after late delivery?

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I was going to say not the most customer friendly response, but got the point across lol! How did it go?

Delivered the order, now I don’t care, have other things to do…just move on.

It may not be a customer friendly response, but he is not a friendly customer…he treated me like s### I am always polite, and eve
n in that response I am polite, all I said was, you cannot threaten to give negative reviews to people…well you read it…when someone threatens you or your business, you cannot be polite with them. They want you to be scared of them…typical bully tactics.

I end communication when someone threatens or is rude.

@writer99025 The moment someone threatens you with negative feedback before even receiving an order is the moment you put in a mutual cancellation request. Even though you have delivered it I would also contact support straight away and explain the situation as threatening someone with negative feedback like this is not acceptable.

I will keep that in mind next time…now I have already delivered the order,…but yes, I will contact customer support if he writes a malicious review…like I am a cheat or a scammer or something…