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I’ve just noticed 2 super useful features on another forum I frequent and was wondering whether that’s possible for this forum too; I don’t know if that other forum runs on Discourse software too or not, but it looks a bit similar, so I guess asking doesn’t hurt and these features, especially #1, could improve our forum experience a lot:

  1. On hovering thread titles, you’ll see a “tool-tip” window with a preview (first paragraph) of the opening post (even for the last post in a thread as well, when you hover that) - genius!

  2. When you click an old thread, you see a coloured banner on top and bottom that tells you something like “This topic is XXX days old, are you sure it’s worth bumping this?”

Maybe there’s a way to do this or something similar? :slight_smile:


If only it weren’t already locked… Forum Wish list

There is a way to do all of them that you mentioned and discourse is an open source forum software.
The other communities are way ahead and more packed with features than Fiverr’s Forum. I have seen dark mode in the forum, Spam blocking, Multi-Language support, and so on.

The only thing that can make all of it happen is manforce that it needs. Is Forum their priority? You do know because of COVID-19, the CS representatives are already lacking with the other things, the gigs analytics is broken because of upcoming promoted gigs feature, and god knows what else is not working internally.

At least for now, I don’t think they can do that much change even if they want. Though they are testing the new features and doing some fixing on Forum as per their old pinned global notification on this live forum, but I never saw anything changed, so I don’t know what is happening. Hope to add some new features as soon as possible!

We have #2 on the forum, but may be not so much eye-catchy or people just ignore them.


The resurrection of an old post without adding any value is flag worthy, we need more help from the community. We need more FLAGS.


Ah, I see with #2, thanks for the screenshot, maybe I don’t try to post to very old topics often enough to have noticed this feature.

It’s similar, although with the one I’m talking about, you already see the banners when you’re just reading a topic, not after you’ve already hit the reply button.
Not sure if it would keep people from resurrecting dead threads though, then, if the existing feature doesn’t.

Although it might also help people who don’t want to post but are only looking for some info realize just how old a thread is, and that perhaps the info might be outdated, or even dangerous.
But might as well not help, I guess.

But #1 would definitely save many people a lot of time, I’m sure.

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I sometimes run out of flags to flag with.

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