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Forum Fun: 💇‍♂️ Crazy Hairdos 🤪 💇🏽


Forum Fun: :haircut_man: Crazy Hairdos :crazy_face: :haircut_woman:t4:

Just another fun & chill thread to pass the :watch: time.

Have you come across the craziest Hairdo online or offline? Maybe you’re rockin’ a cray do. Share them here, we need more laughter and FUN. :sunglasses:

:warning: Remember to keep it PG! Yeah, yeah even hairdos can be a little scandalous. :smile:

I’ll :high_heel: kick this thing off…

No horsing around. :horse:

Here lizard, lizard, lizard

Take it away! :tropical_drink:


Wow, nice looking.I love this hair style.


I loved Crazy Hair Day at school! I wonder how the bottle is attached to her hair? :thinking:




It literally doesn’t get crazier that Hair Force One


Damn, guys~n~ gals — I’m outta :broken_heart: refill a heart is underway.
I’m laughing so hard ova here! :joy: @cyaxrex I saw this pic the other day I had tears in my eyes.

Vickie, I’m guessing a hairclip of some kind.


Avant-Garde Styles


It’s actually quite fascinating. If you take the hair away completely, he becomes Hank out of Breaking Bad. I don’t have time for meming or photoshopping today, though. :frowning:


You know what… I see the resemblance. :hushed:
Maybe when you’re feeling rejuvenated you can grace us with something.

Btw~ If you do a side-by-side comparison, I’d say the pooch wins hands down. :smiley: :tada:



Great, what a hair style.I love it.


nice hair style… lol


My craziest hair to date. I’m not a stranger to dying my hair unnatural colours, but let’s just say that highlighter pink never made a reappearance. :see_no_evil:


Hi, Rebekah!

My prediction is you’ll be the only person brave enuff to share a selfie hairdo! :wink:

I :heart_eyes: your hair it reminds me of cotton candy. :yum:

P.S~ not saying I want to eat your hair or anything lol. :sweat_smile:


Haha! You sure you don’t have a crazy hairdo you want to share? :laughing:

Thank you! I thought it was ace at the time, but I much prefer it now, in a more ombré style. :joy:


I’m thinking about it! Maybe a pic when I wake up in the AM. :laughing:
Sometimes, I sleep cray-cray so scary spice hair is always on the scene. :smiley:


There is no part…

shouldn’t there be a part in the middle?


Interesting hairdo, I’ve never paid much attention to her hairstyles, maybe another windy day? :smiley:


When it comes to crazy hairdos. Cyndi Lauper was always daring. :heart: her!



It’s combed directly forward on top. I’ve never seen this before on a woman. I keep hoping to see her with her hair pulled back some time. It’s almost like a wig worn backwards.


I think a side swoop would look better.

Another thing that :beetle: bugs me are chicks with bangs. They do the same thing create a V shape in the middle of the bang, which defeats the purpose.