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Forum Game 2 - ❓ Re-Name that Forum User! 📛


I’ve been hunting down fun forum games for the holiday party season and this is the second best one I spotted! Here is how this one goes:

Take your favorite color, then pick EITHER your favorite animal, fruit, or superhero, then add the numbers of your birthday. If your favorite color is orange, your favorite superhero is batman and your birthdate is 25 your answer would be: orangebatman25.

Whatever you come up with is the new forum username for the last person who posted right before you! (Whoever answers next will be naming me - uh oh!)


Greenzoro21 :joy::joy:


fuchsiapineapple16 :pineapple: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My new name! Thanks, djwaruna! I see you have been named fuchsiapineapple16!

Hans/AJ, it’s your turn. Your name is based on my real answers so:



ooo… That’s cool. A teal horse in real life would be so cool and unique :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


blackdog08 :smiley: I like my new username!! Kind of cool :sunglasses:


BlueIronMan13 - that sounds good for whoever gets it! :smile:


BlackHawk01 :smiley: i really liked my new username. thank you :slight_smile:


The chain kind of went awry somewhere but it seems to have worked to have everyone rename themselves from wp_kid (I mean blackdog08) onward. :smiley:


GreenOwl25 :stuck_out_tongue:


Purpleraccoon23, lol


I don’t understand. Are we taking our age number or the last two numbers of the year we were born.


Neither. It is just your birth date. If you were born on the 14th of a month, the name you chose would have 14 in it. :smile:



lol… haahaaa… cool



Who’s before me?


My answer is bluebond8




GreenCaptainAmerica18 :medal_military::man_superhero:


pinkmango27…unique and nice username.