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Forum Level Status Bugs

I’m a level 2 Seller on Fiverr and have been for six months now but yet when i make a post here on the forum, i’m shown as having no level status like a new account. This isn’t a big deal but i worked hard to get that badge and would like to wear it with pride haha (*)

Well, at least your profile photo shows~ I have the badge but once I sign in to the forums…blip! profile picture goes away. And CS has no answer. Obviously it’s some sort of bug. I guess if the No-Badge Bug bothers you, you can try filing a ticket.

On another post a month or so ago, a similar topic came up and one of the people posting had TWO badges next to his name! And another person had the same problem as you, NO badge. So, I guess all we can do is ask CS (and maybe still not get an answer), or go “rant” in The Ranting Pot! ~lol~

Reply to @celticmoon: I wouldn’t have minded two badges then people would all be like “wow this guy must be real good if he’s got two badges instead of one he must be like the King of Fiverr” (*)

~lol~ That’s one way to look at it! If I remember correctly, though, he was supposed to have a “TRS” badge, or something. But yeah, we couldn’t help teasing that 2 badges must have some special meaning!

It seems as if has been rectified now, it’s probably because i only recently started using the forum feature on the site and it just needed time (*)