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Forum Migration & Update


As you all know, the forum has been…challenging lately. From overall stability to posts disappearing, there has been an overall decline in the stability of our forum platform. With that said, we’re going to do something big to fix it. We are migrating and making a switch to a new platform that will offer not only better stability but improved features and new experiences! #winning

On Monday, we will launch the new and improved forum. We’ll retain all of your old posts, links, post history etc. The major change you’ll notice will be the overall look plus a few fun additions to your profile.

We appreciate your patience in this process and as always please contact for any customer support-related needs during this migration.

I know you must have questions. Please leave a comment and I’ll answer it below!


Will there be a “Thumbs - Up & Down” on posts option?


Thumbs up only, or “like”. More along the lines of Twitter & Facebook vs Reddit.



Good decision. And since I´m pretty sure most people during the upvote/downvote phase were for thumb up/like only, some of the nonbelievers might get doubts about ‘they are not listening’ too :wink:


I´m still carrying hope for ‘follow all threads I commented on’ too.
I appreciate the effort to retain posts, that´s not a taken-for-grantedness.


I love to mock. I love to point out flaws. I am fluent in sarcasm.
However, if this update is as good as it sounds then from the bottom of my heart - YAY!
Now I am just trying to do the math, if the site update was supposed to be 5 hours and was 7 instead; the migration is scheduled to take 4 days, so it will be reasonable to expect it to be up and running late Wednesday?


Yes, there will be a feature to follow a thread that you’ve commented on. You will get notifications (your choice of email or in-forum) when someone replies.

As for the retaining posts, yes! When investigating other platforms (which we’ve been doing for a few months) that was one of my requirements. There is a lot of great info and conversation here in this forum and I would not want to start fresh.


We’re working with the vendor on the migration. We have been promised 48-60 hours. I announced a “Monday” opening which is on the far end of the estimate. Hoping for earlier though. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re excited! We’ve been playing around on the test instance for a while now and besides the obvious UI changes there are some fun new features that were lacking on this platform.


If it fixes the forum in the major way that is necessary then take whatever time necessary.


Yeah, I think we can survive that with the promise of new toys :wink:


You wrote: “The major change you’ll notice will be the overall look plus a few fun additions to your profile.”

Can you give us a little insight into what these “few fun additions to your profile” might be? :slight_smile:


You want me to tell you or do you want to be surprised?


There’s always the dripping method, where you give some little things away and keep us salivating in anticipation (it’ll be read only soon here, so this is pretty effective!). You can save the really good stuff until the grand opening.

Just little stuff though. I don’t need to tell you how much tutting there would be from certain people if something went wrong and or the big feature somehow was bugged.

I’d quite like normally-sized YouTube videos for the occasional share, but I’m sure your vendor has that locked down.


But how will meksells meksells without the forum? Won’t you two think of the little people and their needs?



Yay! Finally some good news for a change :slight_smile: Excited to see how it looks.


mjensen415 Have to say the forum is phenomenal. It is a credit to whoever has been working on it, please pass on the praise of the community (or keep it for yourself if it was all you)!


There should be a tutorial for the new comer in the forum about how to use.
So then user can’t get annoyed if anything looks complicated. The changing of looks definitely will be for betterment but for few days or months it will be harder to catch everything for everyone.


Well, it seems like that lots of postings have disapeared. Will they come back, some day, some how?


I don’t know of any missing ones right now. Do you have a specific post in mind, or one by a certain user?