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Forum Notifications

This may have been suggested at some point, so excuse me if it has. :o) It would be awesome if we could get an email notification whenever there is an update to a topic we follow, a thread we started or new forum posts in general.

Many forums offer this option and it is an excellent way to keep up with everything, without always having to manually go to the forum and check for new posts. Usually, forum admins offer different options as to how many and how often you want to receive email notifications.

Hopefully, this is something that can be considered to help us all better benefit from the Fiverr Forum.

Maybe someone can come up with a recipe to accomplish this in conjunction with IFTTT. (*)

Forum notifications used to work some month ago… then suddenly stopped working!

I’ve already reported this bug to forum admins long time ago… but nothing changed, sorry :frowning:

Ah ok, that is good to know. I do hope they bring them back. Thanks so much for the update, that was kind of you!