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Hello everyone! what are your suggestions about forum optimizations like one can view his post once(One ip address/Id get’s one view) and another suggestion about deleting the post option or something like request a delete. You guys can also give suggestions.

P.s this is only discussion among forum readers not a suggestion to fiverr

Thanks n regards

I think the forums are structured fine as they are right now.

For one, I’m not sure what the “view once” suggestion would improve, or why you would want to add that to the forum. That seems like a relatively pointless function to me. And two, don’t post something on the forums that you’ll only be wanting to delete later on. This is a forum. You are contributing to discussions. Be wise about what you post. You can already edit your posts, isn’t that sufficient?

Valid arguments.First suggestion is someone is viewing his post again again and using same IP address getting it’s viewers increase. P.s Bro these are merely suggestions to improve the forums,I might be totally wrong.

You can already view your post again and again, but why do you want to? Increasing views on forum posts has no functionality that helps or hurts your account in any way. I’m not against your suggestion but I don’t understand that one. I’d like to understand because if they would add value they could be added to list we keep.

Deletions won’t be allowed, but perhaps you could explain more about the reason for increasing views.

Lol i don’t want to. I don’t know how to defend my arguments because the writers and moderators are so skilled but i can give you a perfect example like this one .He seems really MAD to me. Don’t know why they do it. I can get you so many more examples like him. and Miss don’t block this post now :confused:

For me, I’m not trying to get you to defend anything. I just don’t understand and if I don’t, it may be that others won’t.

The post that you referred to looks like a very desperate seller who posted an ad in My Fiverr Gigs. When his post didn’t yield orders, he kept bumping it to the top by writing again. It’s a really useless technique. My Fiverr Gigs is a good place to get occasionally visibility for a new gig or mention a temporary sale. However, only a few buyers ever see those posts. Most buyers don’t read any of the forum.

The majority of forum posts are written and read by sellers. The buyers that do write here are usually upset about something. It’s still great to put a My Fiverr Gigs ad up, but promoting off of Fiverr is more effective. Also, when people bump their own posts over and over it’s considered spam, so sometimes they are removed but buyers usually find it annoying and are even less likely to buy from that person. The post you linked to is an example of a seller hurting his own sales.

How does bumping posts relate to what you are suggesting here? Perhaps if you can explain more, we can understand better and help.

I meant to say that viewing means you increase your viewers by viewing yourself. This seems a useless function. No offense but there is nothing good in it. One Ip address must have one time view count… Like someone views his post one thousand time he must be having one viewer in his count. and it’s merely a suggestion not a hard fast rule miss. You can give your suggestion too. Thanks

I think I see what you are saying. Views are meaningless in the forum, though. By themselves, they don’t do anything and they don’t hurt anything either. A view alone doesn’t push the post up higher, so if no one responds, the post will eventually drop lower and lower in the category. No need to worry about it.

What does push the post up is responses. So, the viewer you talked about was pushing his own post to the top by repeatedly responding to it. If no one else is responding, it is silly. I agree with you that it’s a useless function when it’s used that way.

The problem is this: In most categories (like the one we are writing in now) you wrote this post and you got a response. That’s good, it generated a discussed. So, that response pushed the post to the top for a very short time. As other people posted, yours dropped lower which is normal. Then you responded back, so that pushed it back to the top. We want that to happen because your response was legitimate. As the discussion continues, the post goes back up. When the discussion stops, the post will go down. All that works fine. If you were posting over and over to yourself in this category, a moderator would notice it and either delete it or close it to responses to stop that from happening. So, the problem is fairly well taken care of overall.

If we disabled that functionality for all categories, posts like yours wouldn’t keep going and people would lose out on the discussion. Unfortunately a few people take advantage of the function in a useless way and push their posts up thinking it’s a good idea. Overall, they only hurt themselves so it really isn’t of great consequence. If it is noticed by a moderator, though, they get a warning to slow down. So, for now, I don’t have any other suggestions. If it was happening a lot in non-ad categories it might be worth time to work on, but it really doesn’t so far. The ad category (MFG) is competitive by nature, though. If you see someone rampantly bumping their posts there, feel free to send a notice to Customer Support and it will get to the moderation team.

Bundle of Thanks for such lengthy piece of writing. I got your point.