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Forum pages are extremely messed up with large black areas

I tried Chrome and Windows both and see huge parts of each forum page that are all black.
It is almost not usable except for the top of each forum page with the rest blacked out. Is anyone else seeing this?

Yep seems like a placement bug in the theme files, guessing some changes were made and a little theme bug sneaked in the backdoor.

I use Ubuntu and Chromium, same here. Tried out Firefox too, yesterday it reported a bunch of errors, today it’s the same issue as with Chromium.

Yeah, here too.

If you inspect the page, there seems to be an uncaught exception. A problem with perfect-scroll bar. Cannot read property ‘Classlist’ of null.

Here’s a screenshot…


The issue has been reported and currently being worked on. Please be patient as not everybody is experiencing this problem.

This issue has now been fixed.

Thank you!