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Forum (PM) to Conduct Official 5r Business?

Does anyone here use the forum “PM” (Private Message) to conduct business transactions?

I’m curious because I find it to be quite handy. I can call any seller and ask them questions without affecting their response rates — especially if it’s 3 a.m. in their time zone.

When working on a laird project, I can hook up several sellers to mingle – & I don’t have to be the middleman. In my case, I don’t screw around with sellers – when I ask a question, it’s because I have every intention of buying.

Just wondering.


From what I can tell you need to be an active member of the Forum to send messages to other forum users.
So I don’t see many buyers doing it.

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I’ve sent PM to sellers who have never been on the forum. They get an email when I send them a PM and they can either come here or respond back to me via email.

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Nothing wrong with that…as long as you know the seller.

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I use private messages to let other writers know when I refer clients to them.


After the first contact/response the response rate doesn’t come into play anymore!

I’ve used the private messaging in the forum!

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