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In the Forum discussions, you could show the thread starter’s username along with the title.

I guess hovering over the picture adjacent to the post is a needlessly difficult way to learn about the OP’s info. Heads up newbies. There are a lot of things that you can hover over on fiverr to get information…particularly in terms of your own account.

However, I agree with you that it needs to be more plainly stated for those who do not know these little tricks.

I rather think of them as hindrances to an intuitive interface. In this particular case I can view as many as 6 or more profile pictures at a time. The way it is now , I have to mouse over each one of them to see their user names. Why hide the things that are meaningful to users seeking a smoother experience. Besides, it’ll save a bunch of lines of code and unnecessary questions…

Reply to @ricksper: I cosign with that.

kjblynx said: So you're suggesting the username of the original poster being displayed on the forum landing page before a person actually visits the discussion

Well yes, but to be clear, I am referring to the listing of Topics in a Discussion (Bugs, Ranting Pot, Suggestions, etc). The topics are all listed without the Topic starter's name being visible unless the profile pic is moused. Nor is date that the Topic was started shown at all unless you display the contents of the Topic.