Forum Profile Now Automatically has Your Fiverr Profile


Many users have been asking for this and it was next on the To-Do list for the forum, so now it’s almost finished! Your Fiverr profile ( will now automatically show on your forum profile no matter what you have in the website field in preferences.

You also have that additional website field to showcase something else Fiverr-related if you wish. You can now go into your profile Preferences and add a Fiverr related link there too. So, your Fiverr profile will show automatically, but if you like you can also put in your best selling gig or a new arrival gig (or something else) in your website field. It will only allow links on the domain, so there are limits, but it’s a nice bonus!

As another user reported, there is a small fault in the profile field where an extra “s” appears. It is just a display error and won’t affect the function. It has been reported to the forum development team so there is no need to worry about it. :slight_smile:



Just noticed and it seems awesome…great way to share your profile with other forum members…


Yes, it was a feature much-asked for and they were working on it, but they had a list of things to get to. I know we have to be patient, but they are working hard to give us the forum that was wanted for a long time! :slight_smile:

I noticed the extra “S” when i first found out about profiles, but it was late at night and I forgot to mention it. It has been reported now and I appreciate your screen shot from the other thread, it gave me an easy way to show it to the right people. For now, think of it as a mark of how SUPER you are as a Seller! :wink:


Yes… I appreciate all the hard work of the modes and Nice to think about being super seller …A great start to the day…:)


ok.all is well.keep it up.


Uh… Keep what up??


Interesting feature to promote one gig to start with. Thanks. I’ve edited my profile accordingly.