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Forum profile picture stuck as old Gravatar

Hey there! I’m new to Fiverr and even newer to the forums.

I uploaded a new profile picture to my Fiverr account today — a photo of me — but, when I logged in to the forums for the first time, I noticed the profile picture was wrong. It’s not a picture I’ve ever used on Fiverr, which lead me to realize it must have been pulled from Gravatar. I’ve since changed my profile picture on the main site multiple times, logged in and out from both my main account and forum account several times, cleared cookies and tried it all again, I even disabled my Gravatar and permanently deleted my associated (and unused) Wordpress account to try fixing it. As you can probably guess, it didn’t fix it.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug? Could someone with the appropriate access rights completely disable my old Gravatar, please?


Happened to me as well, i then changed my goggle pic and my forum pic changed.

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Log out from the Forum, then log in again, and you will see your new profile picture.


Thank you guys. Unfortunately, neither solution has worked for me so far.

If you log in the Forum using your Facebook or Google account, probably you are seeing the profile picture of one of those accounts.

I’m not using either of those to log in - I log in directly through the main Fiverr website, then the forums log me in automatically. Gravatar is the only service that has (had) my old logo when I made my Fiverr account, so I’m confident it’s that. I’ve read some posts on other Discourse-based forums that have had similar problems with Gravatar.

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Hi there @chrono_chroma, sorry to hear this… I change my gravatar, maybe once every 2 weeks, and never had any issues with it. if you already tried these solutions given above it must be a bug or something … Good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

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You might need to wait a bit - when I updated my profile picture, it took a few days to update here on the forum.

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I’ll be patient and give it some time. I appreciate your replies!

Edit: I figured out some convoluted “solution”: creating a new Gravatar account, assigning my Fiverr email to it, setting my new profile picture as my Gravatar, and sending a custom POST request to the forum server to force refresh the Gravatar… Works well enough for now!