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Forum Rules - Updated 2017

All users should read and understand the forum rules before posting. If you do not understand the rules, contact Customer Support. Users who post on the forum have implied agreement with the rules. It is assumed all users have read these rules and users who do not follow the rules may have forum accounts restricted with or without warning.

This forum was created to provide a home for our Fiverr community. The forum is moderated.

1.) When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar. These will be removed.

2.) To share your gigs for buyers, post it in “My Fiverr Gigs”. Posts that include gig/profile links even as signatures are considered promotional which is only allowed in MFG or alongside a bio in New User Intros. Ask for tips or sales assistance in “Improve my Gig” instead of Tips or FAQ.

3.) Controversy or entertainment is OK, but not hate speech or calling users/staff/CS a derogatory name. Keeping posts calm also makes it easier for us to collect feedback – both positive and negative. Extreme violations may result in account bans without warning.

4.) Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling your buyers/sellers out by username. Post will not be tolerated with extreme adult language, extreme sexual comments or innuendo or similar so please self-moderate your choice of words or use * as needed. Don’t bash Fiverr, Moderators or Customer Support. Posts with links or images showing the usernames in private messages or elsewhere fall under the same rule unless names are completely blurred or blacked out.

5.) The Discourse forum has the option for users to send Private Messages. These messages are still subject to the Fiverr ToS. It is against the forum rules to copy/paste content from these private messages or take screen shots of them and post the content on the public forum. If you do not want to engage in private messaging with someone, ask them not to contact you and use the available tools to block their messages.

6.) Discourse has tools that allow for post edits and deletions. Those tools are primarily for correcting typos and adding new info. Edits, including edits no longer displayed publicly, are retained in edit logs at an administrative level. Posts will still be moderated based on the original post, not based on edits. Violations of ToS, forum rules, and communication guidelines will still be utilized based on the original post. Editing or deleting a post does not remove or negate the violation. Excessive edits/deletions make posts difficult to read. The tools should be used moderately.

7.) You may post links that are relevant to the discussions as long as they are not links to your own website, blog or otherwise violate ToS or these rules. Gig/profile links belong in My Fiverr Gigs. All links and posts should comply with Fiverr Terms of Service. Unapproved links will cause link or post removal.

8. Links must not be shortened using non-Fiverr shortening sites like bitly, shortenit, etc. Gig/profile links should include the domain. This is a safety/security risk. Readers should not click on shortened links or links that may be questionable.

9.) Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy forum posts or on or off-Fiverr content. Links to other content may be used within a conversational post & abide with the other forum rules and ToS.

10.) The forum does not replace or act as Customer Support. If you have technical issues or account concerns the Support Team can help. Forum mods/admins are not staff and should not be contacted by inbox except in regards to purchase of their gigs.

Before You Go, if you aren’t familiar with the guidelines and tips we provide on the “grey” areas, check out the post below for those. They may help you with forum etiquette and not having a post pulled for review. See Discourse specific guidelines as well.

My first month as a Fiverr seller rocked!
What's this limit?
Is there anyone on Fiverr who does not copy paste stock art?
Forum Rules + Guidelines
Is every single blog writer just a spinner?
Is it ok to talk about things buyers do or strange behavior of buyers on the forum or is that against the rules?
How to earn on fiverr for living
I am new saller in fiverr Market place. please help me
How to get a first order,,
My gig are not showing in market place
What makes a user´s account gets suspended/banned?
Even More Scammers?
Join Today on Fiverr
Have a cancelled order request
New gigs of mine check it out
Earnings problem
I’m nobody and I love it
Order/ Payment Problems
Little forum game to help your gigs!
My fiverr experience - Viraj
I think ive been scammed by a seller
New Spammers New systems
Hello lovely new people, buyers/sellers and others! Here is what you wish you had read BEFORE things went wrong…
Hey...! ***Superhero Landing..!***
Hi! I´m new here!
How do I know my money is safe?
Still waiting for my first order on fiver
I am a New Seller What The Terms Condition tell me Anyone
Offer to Sell Services
Suggestion about gig promotion
Linkedin profile can't be added on fiverr profile
Advice about my profile and my gigs
Fiverr cryptocurrency lovers!
7 years on fiverr but new to this forum
Today's daily winner
Do You know every artist have sad love story?
No reviews are my gig prices high is that the reason I get no buyers?
Please let this post be deleted
⚠️ Lots of many Impressions, clicks, but no order!😥
How to get jobs from Fiverr
SEO Promotion Tip Question
Phishing Attempts for Up-Work on Fiverr
How can I improve my gig? Can anybody give feedback about my gig?
Is outsourcing allowed on fiverr for sellers/buyers?
How to remove extra gig of $20 from $70
Probably plenty of these posts, but just wanted to rant about these type of buyers
No Sales? Booming Economy?
I am new comer on Feverr
Hi Fiverries! I Am a Newbie ^-^
Hope Fiverr Works for a Newbie
New Seller :heart_eyes: Excited
Why I can't write?
Please check out my gig,am not having clicks,am a new seller here
Please check out my gig,am not having clicks,am a new seller here
Hello I'm a new member
Hi! I'm new here. I hope to meet great people
Is this is unethical to send my gigj's link on Fiverr Forum
Young Freelancer Looking For Exposure
Hello Fiverr community! Meditation leader and Writer Troy!
Hello everyone! New seller around
New seller come from!
Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement
Application for fiverr position
Check out my gig please!
Newcomers, ask for advice to quickly get orders
I am new on Fiverr please help me to get my first order
Yet Another New Artist!
Heyo! New to Fiverr art community!
Hi There! Just saying hello!
The Issued Fixed
I just joined Fiverr yesterday so it would be great for any advise for my gig
Are my gigs stats okay? Not getting orders
Fake Merchants/Sellers-Fiverr's Vetting Process
Violation of TOS Warning
Community rules
Post marked as spam, looking for second opinion from staff
What are the TORs of to successfully run business
I need work of any time in graphics what can i do
Contact seller to seller
Pricing When You're A Level 0
Scammer asking for my personal email
DO's and Dont's
New on fiverr, so how can I really do something
How to avoid having your Topics being reported and deleted on this forum?
Level 2 feels seller like level -2
Moahahaha what a joke! 🤣 🙃
Difficulty to post
Visite my profile for rank
Terrible experience
Can we share our gig link on this forum?
The Gig failed to pass our review and are not visible to anyone. Click here to see your denied Gigs and learn more about this action
How I Will get More buyesr in very Quick time
Can i shear my gigs on fiverr forum?
The Proper Way to Promote Fiverr Gigs
Buyer Request Keep showing 0 now
Someone is trying to get a free gig
How to delete my account?
Fiverr headquarters should think about advertising and promoting Fiverr in India
Pricing of gigs
What topic should I choose to write on forum
New order for a new seller
How we Add portfolio
Impression and click
Is it oke to post my gig?
My present gigs are dropping. What should I do now?
How about giving a new seller a chance?
Let's improve eachothers rating, click on mine and comment with a link to your gig. Let's set the trend
Which Fiverr seller has earnt the most money?
Kindly, Reduce the Payment Clearance Period
My Response Rate is going down
Dropshipping expert
Suggest me about my gig friends
Making a new client a permanent one..!
Can write compelling articles and blog post
Fiverr seller Hijacked my facebook page
I am New Commer Fiverr World
New sellerr to Fiverr
Promote Gigs on Forum
Fiverr Gig Marketing 2018 Boost your fiverr gig sell 100%
Confused using fiverr logo and level bedge
Newbie ! Looking for friends
Hey everyone! Introducing Myself
I need suggestion for getting more sell, Please suggest me
I am new commer & give love to all
Starting a new profile or not
New seller in Fiverr. Let me introduce my self
Choosing Creatives With No Reviews; Is the Risk Worth It
Can I share my GIG in this Forum?
New user experience
Can I remove my warning?
I am Introducing
I am just sharing my views...Help full forum for new members(Improve your skills)
Hello everyone i am moeed_786!
Can we put link in Fiverr forum
Why am I not getting any orders
I have got 3 orders within 7 mins and 15 no order is running
I need clients, i am new here
Free white board animation
Boring scammers
What do I do If I want to share important information from any website?
Are all the outgoing links forbidden in the Fiverr forum?
Views vs. Clicks
This is my first time of using fiverr forum But am a Graphic designer with level 2 badge
How to make a Top Rated Seller and Also how to achieve a Feature add
First sales successfully completed..thank God
I don't find my buyer request
Write a Short Story with Any Topic of Your Choosing!
New Seller Here To Say Hi!
Free professional web design
Hi! New user here
I suggest this seller
New sellers advertise here!
Hello there! New seller in Fiverr
Please help me to improve my gig :roll_eyes:
I am new on fiverr. I have a question
Glossary of Fiverr terms
I will write anatomy and physiology content
New youser startup
Help to improve gig
Fiverr Gig Promotion
Hi . I am saifee with more than 2.5 years of experience on fiverr and more than 1500 satisfied customers
Who will create or manage my fiverr gigs?
#I #will #do #modern #minimalist #logo #design
I need tips on how to promote my gig on social media, it is like am not doing it well
Need to Rant or Vent? Take a Quick Breath and Read 1st so Your Post Stays Up
Dumb Password Issue
I need you to review my all gigs and need your feedback
Saya new seller
How to get first order more quickly?
Can someone tell me that What's wrong in this Gig
Can we paste of our link on fiverr forum
Newbie sayin hi
Hey I'm new here!
If buyer no give review,other buyer see this ell?
Tips And Tricks for New Sellers and Get motivation Read Completely
A new writer just got here!
Check my portfolio
A lot of people from "COUNTRIES I CANNOT NAME" asking for work?
My first order is. already complete
Presenting my Gig: Doodles
Anyone know to help me please?
Whats Problem in this Gig?
Don't give up too soon on Fiverr
Share First gig link
Beware of phising / hacking requests!
Buyer who send Threat and accused
Some Good Point for GIG marketing
My fiverr story-fighting the system
What's up for the newcomers
I Will Design A Professional Responsive Wordpress Website
Greetings from downtown Chicago!
Help me get started on Fiverr please
Photo editor and logo maker
Hello, i am new to fiverr andi have few questions
Hello there! everyone! I'm New here!
Hello there! everyone! I'm New here!
Anime & Comic Book Gig--Open
Rase your hand if you are new here 🤘
Make your photo looks vintage
I'm a typist I can type in three languages Arabic, English, and Italian
Drop in Positive Rating
Hey Guys, I recently Joined Fiverr, Help Me In making me A Top Rated Seller
Anyone knows where these are used?
New account started on Fiverr
Is scammers common on Fiverr?
Simple Edit on images, like background removal background color or logo background removal
I am new to fiverr forum
How to get daily orders?
Suggestions for improvment in current GIG
I have not go one order
Is there anyone on Fiverr who does not copy paste stock art?
Hi im in a new user
Too hard to use
I Need Suggestions
Best Photo Editing
I will design Professional Banner Ads
I will do 2 Attractive logos
Do You Usually Notice This Client?
UK nail-biter (May to lose this June?)
Do not purchase from this seller
Needs to know Rules of fiverr forum
New feature added by facebook
I will edit your photos professionally by Photoshop Editing
Next step in my career
"Hello" Fiverrian!
Buyer seller and can know!
How can increase sales?
Hello fiverr i am new seller
Hello fiverr i am new seller
Could You Please Suggest Me How I can get my first Order on fiverr
How to do so that my posts in the forum are not taken as spam
I'm a new seller!
Hi all! I'm edinpon, illustrator and new seller!
Promote anything on social media
First meet with fiverr guys
Hello... check out my gigs
I'm here to provide amazing service
How it's possible?
Hello ! how are you all
Read my post carefully
Awesome Christmas new year greeting video for just 5
I am not getting orders to my gig. Plz help me find out what is the problem with my account
Thanks for help guys
Send bulk email with text,html,images
Ebook cover seller
Checking This only Dont take it seriously
Some fiverr vendor are good sports some are bad, the end. Please lock this thanks!
Some fiverr vendor are good sports some are bad, the end. Please lock this thanks!
URL as Title removed - URL's should go in the message
Am I the only demotivated by the new ranking system?
Seller posing as Buyer
Why my mostly post "Post hidden by community flags"?
Why these forum moderators remove my posts everytime?
NO one Order me WHY? just Because i am new?
New to this site: Can someone give me pointers on how to improve my gigs
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :heart_eyes: :heart:
:question::name_badge: Common Forum Questions :thinking: :bug: (Bugs, Staff, Forum Levels, Forum Fun and More)
How can i get more buyer and more sell?
I got my first order 16 days before, still no orders ?:thinking:
I want to do your data entry perfectly
Attention to leaders and experts
Price range for TRS
How to change username?
Questions For Buyers: What do you look for in sellers?
My new gig link
Need guidelines
I am very Happy with fiverr it make me hard worker
I'm new to Fiber Forums
Any tips on how to improve my gig? Thank you in advance :)
Can somebody say what should I improve on my GIG? pls help
Member Introduction & Guideline
Should I give Fiverr a second chance?
Not getting sales after six months
Could I get banned because of this attached screenshot violation?
Hurray! Selected In The International Magazine Competition
Promoting My Gig and Improving it
How could my gig tag be
Hi everyone I'm new here! Please check out my gigs!
I am new seller help me please share your experience
Fiverr's Rising Talent made a difference
****** is thief. Don't work with him. BE AWARE
There’s so many people from Asia on Fiverr
Helps about fiverr forum
Restrict Account Time Period
Not Really New To FIverr But New To Forums this is interesting and should be fun
We should form a 'bad buyers list' for each category (New Goal Below)
New in fiverr please help me to improve myself
Look what i just got!
This girl is on Fiverr
Is that fiverr team read our chat?
Changing prices
How i can share link of gig?
Can we share our Gig link in the Fiverr Forum?
Can someone help, please?
I cannot post new topics because of my last topic if it was posted removed in few hours
Need help for get order
My story and struggle
I will design professional icon and logo
As a Seller, do you have any country Preference?
Help! I Have No Orders! - Well, Here's What I Did
Skill development "Topics Basis"
Odd foreign buyers?
Stop messaging me for advice
Just started selling!
New freelancer, new user, new me
NEW FORUM MEMBER -Want To Become A Successful Freelancer
SOLUTION to bring gigs back
Just need help to review
How do I get to work at my Fever gig?
Fiverr Forum Knowledge
How do I create a post about a problem on Fiverr so others will know and not get the post flagged and removed?
Is it legal to share gig link in fiverr?
To get more orders should you stay 15 hours online or not in a day?
How to Join Fiverr Studios
May I Please Have Gig Suggestions, Please?
5 orders in 1h with JUST 5$
I got reported because I refused to do a gig from a pervert
Got second warning where is not my fault
Need advice on opening new gigs
Transfer budget
I have been on fiverr for 4 weeks now and I haven't gotten a single order, I think I need help here
Need Suggestion for job
My new gig check it out
Where can i post my question about money?
Signs Of a Scammer
Buyer Requests are not there?
Buyer issue.. Anyone can help now what should i do?
Tips for all Forum Users
Tips for all Forum Users
There should be an option in order cancellation the buyer is a scam
Scammed by a User
Hello Everyone I m new to fiverr
The payment process
Be aware of frauds
I'm so bored with Fiverr. Why?
Gig marketing tips for senior's
!Attention! Most likely they are scammers! Be vigilant!
Buyer place the order mistakenly what should i do?
I paid 100USD for the seller who was only able to help me get 19.5 marks out of 100. He declined my cancellation request
Bin neu hier und habe keine ahnung wie dass hier geht
I Want To Report Fiverr Seller For Fraud
Scammer seller!
CS is not that very helpful for a struggling Artist
Another seller IS PRETENDING TO BE ME - What Can I Do?
Evil+Stupid buyers!
PayPal guy wants me to PayPal him
Intolerance Among Forum Members
Interested to know about forum rules and fiverr seller violation
If Fiverr alive? - What Happened?
Use caution contacting *********** [username]
Use caution contacting *********** [username]
Cheated on fiverr - first time buyer
Will you cotinue work with client who only rate 4.x star for your work?
Beware of this buyer, he is a fraudster!
Community Moderators Needed!
Hello! Excited new user!
Stole my models after I bought his gig
Facebook marketing and manage your business page
Duped by a seller
Seller ransom SCAM - beware!
Fraudulant user **********
90 offer send no response why?
New on fiverr and seeks strong family
Hi Folks, I am new member in this group
Which Link i Use in my fiverr descriptions
Look at my gig statistics
Hi, I'm new to the Fiverr forum
TO know about Fiverr fact
I have a question being new user on fiverr
Help me to improve my fiver experiecne
New here in Fiverr forums and Fiverr
Which types of discussion allow here?
Improve my gigs plzz
Hi guys how are u
Can you review my gig. I'm not getting any orders. only views
My post that details the UpWork spam scam was deleted, with no reason given
My post that details the UpWork spam scam was deleted, with no reason given
How i get my 1st order
I am new fiverr forum
How to get you first order
To get more sell on fiverr
Hello everyone from India

Guidelines / Do’s and Dont’s - Updated 2018

Of as much importance as the rules above, these are some additional items to keep in mind as they are suggested best practices and though they may not all be strictly against the rules, posts may be removed/edited and users may have their accounts affected if they push the boundaries too far.

First - when the new forum was launched on 12/19/2016 it came with a default set of FAQs/Guidelines. These will be merged later, but for now they should also be read and are here:

> Bumping and cross-posting is not explicitly disallowed but is discouraged and if abused will result in the removal of posts.

> Contacting other users, moderators/admins by private message/inbox is not absolutely disallowed, but unless invited it is considered a breach of etiquette to do so. In particular, do not contact other users to ask for sales, mentoring, profile or forum help, etc. We recommend that you contact other users only if they invite it and realize that the user may report you for spam. There are times that users may have good reason for making contact off-forum, just take extra-special care in doing so.

> Ads, Self-Promotion, Posts with Requests for Sales/Buyers that are posted outside of My Fiverr Gigs may be deleted without warning. Since all users should be aware of the rules on promotion, when moderators lack time to edit/move posts to a correct category the post may instead just be removed.

> Posts about gigs that are outside Fiverr’s Editorial focus may be treated differently from other posts. Some gig types are allowed to remain on Fiverr, but are not in line with what the Editors wish to promote on the site. Those gigs often do not appear in search although users can promote them off-Fiverr on their own. Current examples include gigs for Amazon or other 3rd party site reviews, 3rd party social media boosting (such as selling Facebook likes or Twitter followers) but the decisions about editorial focus can change at any time. Fiverr does not explicitly list what gig types are or are not in line with current focus although users may contact Customer Support to ask about their own gigs. Fiverr staff or other individuals that maintain the forum may remove posts (without warning) that advertise gigs that are not in current editorial focus.

> The forum is primarily English-based simply because the majority of Fiverr users can all communicate in English making it a simple choice for a common language. It is not against the rules to post in other languages, but users should be aware that non-English posts may end up in editorial review for an indefinite period. This is not due to discrimination or problems with any specific language. We do not have moderators who can read every language, therefore we cannot be rapidly certain that posts are in line with the rules. When there isn’t time to use software translation or the translation is too poor to use, the post will be moved to a pending review queue for further examination. Some will be returned to the forum at a later time. We recommend that users consider posting in English. Another idea is to make your post in English and then repeat it in any other language of your choice, making it clear that it is a translation. Be aware that if a user abuses this idea by post an incorrect translation, the user may be subject to warning, temporary suspension, or permanent ban.

> Posts that have content or links that put individual regions or sellers from specific regions in a negative light may be pulled for review, edited or removed. Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups. Due to potential negative repercussions by or for buyers and sellers, the moderation team is taking a more cautious approach to posts with content related to any individual country/region or sellers from any specific country/region.

> Hate speech of any kind is not tolerated at all, as mentioned in the Forum Rules above…

In most forum categories, users are encouraged to post commentary that is insightful, useful, or meaningful. Some categories such as Conversations and the Ranting Pot have more leeway on this, whereas categories like Tips for Sellers, Tips for Buyers, and FAQ’s are more strict. Threads with excessive meaningless commentary may be cleaned up and closed. Posts on the main forum should be easily readable as text, so emojis should not be used so excessively that it is difficult to read the basic text content. Excessive emoji use on the main forum will be treated like other meaningless posts and may be flagged, cleaned up, or removed.

If users place comments on more serious threads and the comments appear to be for attention or self-promotion the comments may simply be removed. Post replies asking for personalized help are generally discouraged since it is much better for users to post their requests for help in Improve my Gig.

> Making posts for the Tips categories: In most cases seller tips should be posted by leveled sellers with significant experience and understanding of the Forum Rules and Terms of Service. Tips should not be just copies or quick re-writes of off-Fiverr content or other seller’s posts. Tips should never be used in any self-promotional way. Posts that are considered redundant or otherwise a poor fit may be removed or moved to another category. Repeatedly posting tips that are a poor fit may result in posting restrictions. Buyer are encouraged to make tips posts in Tips for Buyers although they may be edited or re-categorized if the content is misleading, inaccurate, mentions sellers by username or are considering venting/ranting.

> Each message posted is owned by and the opinion of the original poster. Neither Fiverr nor its owners or the moderation team are legally or otherwise responsible for anything posted on these forums. The forum team of volunteers and staff members reserve the right to remove/move/edit any or all posts at any time and ban the user if deemed necessary. Forum levels may be lowered or locked. If your forum access becomes restricted, check your main forum page for any admin notices. If you do not see a notice or if you have further questions, you may also contact Customer Support with any forum issues. Please do not send private messages to members of the forum team unless you are interested in purchasing their gigs, or someone has specifically invited you to do so.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Note: This set of guidelines was reviewed by the moderation team for 2018 and especially checked for out-dated language carried over from the older forums. There has always been a rule stating that forum discussion should be meaningful. Note that the language has been updated as follows:

In most forum categories, users are encouraged to post commentary that is insightful, useful, or meaningful. Some categories such as Conversations and the Ranting Pot have more leeway on this, whereas categories like Tips for Sellers, Tips for Buyers, and FAQ’s are more strict. Threads with excessive meaningless commentary may be cleaned up and closed.
Posts or comments that are disruptive or cause offense may be flagged and removed.
Posts on the main forum should be easily readable as text, so emojis should not be used so excessively that it is difficult to read the basic text content. Excessive emoji use on the main forum will be treated like other meaningless posts and may be flagged, cleaned up, or removed.

I'm not getting any order ! :(
:warning: Consequences - (Follow the Rules here)
How to stop outside Fiverr contact
Is there anyone on Fiverr who does not copy paste stock art?
Removal of user from fake countries
Fiverr Needs ID Verification
Review After Cancel Order
How Can i get som new orders
DO's and Dont's
Can i make main income form fiverr ?i have family
Is it allowed to share Gigs on Facebook Group and Fiverr Forum?
My awesome slow motion video gig
My New Journey To Fiverr
I will convert 20 Image to Pdf just $5 only
If I have an urgent query can mention someone in a post?
Is this Valid according to Terms or Not?
How to promote fiver account
No buyer requests from a while
Hi! i am new to fiverr
Fiverr forum is very importent
Here is my new gig. Click this
I Completed my first order today
Give me advice for get more order
How to get rank my gig on fiverr first page?
Buyer requesr bug
My Order compition Level 0
How to get views and clicks?
Gig Impression Related
Hello, I'm a new seller here at Fiverr
I want some good tips to stay active in fever. I am drawing professional attention. I am a WordPress expert
How can I rank my gig on Fiverr in 2020? new
Any Business Analyst Seller who can provide suggestions as to how to get BA work
AI lost my GiG Rank
Please Check my account if there any mistake
I don't get order for long time
How to success the journey?
Please help me get mt first job
Need a help about gigs
Completed my first order in 17 days ago
Why I can't get any buyer?
How can I get orders on my new gig?
Why dont i get order?
How to rate up my acount
Hello!I am a fresher on fiverr
How to get first order for new seller
I'm newbie in Fiverr, So Need Tips
As a New Seller. How to achieve first order?
Don't getting orders
No any order coming
Hard work but not paying off
Why my post shows "Post hidden by community flags"?
Why my post shows "Post hidden by community flags"?
How I increase my gig Impression and Click for Ranking
How to sell logo design Service?
Hi, How can improve my gig to get sales?
Hello Good peoples,Need tips for sell
What's the main requirment to get a order on fiver?
Need help about getting order
New to Feverr......Can anyone help regrading this?
I have many orders but why buyers not acept my offer back?
New here on Fiverr!
I need helps to get new order
No new orders, low gig impressions
My gigs not showing
Don't get order. Anyone please suggest me what's my fault
My gigs Impression and Clicks falling down what to do?
My GIG Goes Down
New gig improvement tips
Help me please, say me how can I find a job at Fiverr
Have already many gigs
Impreesions dropped to zero
No order, what is going on?
How to get IMPRESSIONS and order
I am not recive my first Order
Old account (How can i get order)
How can i improve fiverr rank?
Welcome The Rookie ;) - I'm new here, could use some tips
New Sellers Problem
Any tips for laravel?
How will i get Gig impressions and clicks?
No order from 2017 till now 2020
Fiverr gig impression down
How to get first order beginner
How i get a order generate
Diseños Envío al cliente
How long did it take to get the first order?!
A new musician on Fiverr
How to be a Level one seller!
Trying to take first order
I have been here for a while but no job?
Please check what's the wrong with my gigs
How long did it take you to sell your gig?
Can you please cheack my gigs
Not yet work still
Why I'm not getting order from last 3 month?
Need to help for earning customer
Need to get my first order!
Give Tips For Beginner
How to get message from Buyers?
Impression are not increasing. Please give me some suuggestions
How to improve my gig's impression & get a order easily?
How 2 get an order?
Last weeks my gig no click
Can you help Me to check My gig issues please
Being lost my mind, Please tell me how I can get a job
Why My fiverr gig is not getting good response
I'm new on this market place
I need support please help me
I haven't received an order for 13 days
How do I get more offer after my the 3 works and am given 5*** I have not yet find another ❓ why
How long does it take to make your first sale on fiverr?
I have a language degree, but no ideas
Thankyou All for being with me
How to get new order regularly?
I am from Bangladesh and I am new in Fiverr Community
I'm Worried, I need Suggestions!
1 How can get my first order
How to increase my gig impressions again? (previous level 2 seller)
NO Body is helping me
Getting First Request
Why i am not getting orders in 3rd month?
Looking for my first order here
How to improve gig ranking through its title, SEO through title?
I will do b2b lead generation, How can I improve my gig rank .Thanks
New fiverr freelancer
I am a new freelancer in Fiverr . Please give me some tips to get the job done on Fiverr
How to get first project? Advice
Help me to get orders, struggling from 2019
How to find buyers, because my clicks are 0 all the time
How to Grow my susses in fiverr Please Help me?
My gigs "myrongrimes" "NOT" Being Listed In Search Population Results
Issues with my gig
No orders after having 5 reviews
Need help from experts, how can I get the first order at Fiverr?
Expat brothers who are there see my gig....!
How to take first order on fiverr
I can,t find project
Can anyone help me, i am not getting that much of impressions or clicks
Not getting any impressions or clicks
Orders stopped, and no impression
Cool idea for gigs
How can i rank my gigs? As a newbie need tips
How to rank my gig at Fiverr?
No Order from one month on Fiverr Account
How to get your first fiverr order?
No orders yet please help me
How to found gig order?
I am new on fiverr in digital marketing sector how to grow my Account
No orders in the past month
New to fiverr need tips
For a long time I could not find a job because someone help me
Why? My gig impression decreasing? What I can do now?
Completed My first order. give me some tips for more orders
No order Help me or suggest me
How to improve SEO?
Its so hard to get a order
I am a new seller, i need some assistance please
My gig impressions & clicks going down , What’s the solution ? ( I got my first sale a month ago )
Introduction to hasan
How to make my gigs more visible
How can i make usefull gig?
Help me to get some orders
No sales nor orders
Im not getting order
I'm not getting order on fiverr account
New seller in fiverr .help
The results formula?
First order on fiver?
How long are share my gig?
How to get first order with professional tips
New seller fiverr help
Need suggestion from experts
Hello everyone! I'm kinda new here. Anyone got tips or suggestion for me?
My gig do not rank
How to promote my fiverr gig ? in fiverr web side
I need to help for earn more money
Check out my gig and give me any suggestions that how I get first order on Fiverr
Long time i don't get any order
Gigs are losing ranks day by day
No work getting frequently
Can't get any orders last 13 days!
I didn't get my order yet
New responds on my gigs
GIG Impression, Click, view
New on Fiverr need suggestion
New user but no orders
Very low gig impressions
How Can I Get More Impression
Why there is no order for me
Working experience
A little disappointment
New on fiverr. How to get orders?
Help with impressions
I'm Glad to Provide Services on Fiverr
Hi there, new user here!
Feeling so disappointed
Badly waiting for my 1st sell
Can't get any order about the last 42 days?
I need my first order... How?
How Long it takes to get the first order
Your Gig requires modification - General TOS violation Please help
Hy!i am new and i am not getting order some body can help me?
Sheree you experience for helping me
How do I get the first order anew account?
I need help expert beloved
Tips and feedback for proofreading gig
How to get job or order from fiverr?
I am new here! So how can I make my gig to be seen in first page?
I'm interested to know about Fiverr Business
Why I am not getting my first order
After first order i don't get new order last one month
What Can I do to get more sales?
I am Kind of New Seller Here on Fiverr
I have Upload video in your Gigs but still not getting orders
Please help me -No orders
Waiting for my 1st sell
Still No Order ... bt why?
How can improve sell on here
How to handle a buyer?
Impression is going down!
My new fiverr waiting for order
How do I get my first sale as I am anew seller?
Give me some tips about fiverr marketplace
Give me suggestions how can i increase traffic on my gigs?
No orders coming!
How do i get my first sale as i am a new seller?
Give me suggestion to get more order
How to get my first sale in 2020
Not received order
Advise me on how to get a second order
How do rank my gig
Please Give Me a Tips How To Generate Sales On My Gigs
Waiting for my first Fiverr project
Need suggestions to get orders
Not getting any order from last month
What are the different warnings that I could get as a seller?
My gig is stuck in back page
How to make an attractive offer to buyer request
I have created. My first gig but no response
No order from Clients
How I Can Increase Order Rate
For keep online i need to refresh everytime?
Need suggestion after completed first order
Why impression decrease
New seller to get order
Please Advice me
Since last two month I did not get any order yet. Can any community fellow help me?
How long it takes to get the first order in Fiverr ever?
How long time takes to get the first order in Fiverr?
Not Getting Any Order Even ranked on 1st Page
I joinned on fiverr after 10 days and no order
I don't know how to make money with Fiverr
Can you suggest any methods for getting first order on fiverr
Why am I not getting new buyers?
What's going on in your Fiverr Journey?
How to get first job ( new seller)?
I am a new seller form Fiverr
Can we talk to other sellers with relavant experience?
Hi i was create my gig two weeks ago no click no order pleas any body can help me
I created my first two gigs guys.....needs your support and tips
How to rank my gigs on first page in Fiverr?
Hello, I'm new here. I'd appreciate working with you all. Apparently I don't have a clue on how to begin
Become a pro member
Please give me gig improve tips:
Hello Sir I am Fiverr New Seller
Today I have created a new fiverr account
How i get my first customer
My fiverr gigs get any command
Need fot my fivver first order
Is there anyone give me help?
Background remove from picture
Not getting Orders, Please suggest a strategy. Thanks
Hey, new user here! :)
Many days have passed!
I am new in fiverr need work not gatting any work!
I have no orders fiverr Gig please help me
Getting buyer Oder
New user anybody please help me i m from indian
Giig new gig my check gig
Hi Guys 👋 Any tips for the new seller 😊
Hello......Nice to meet everyone,,,
I need to understand fiverr Better
I am a new seller, How to got the order
How do I rank higher for my gigs in 2020?
Effective Buyer request in 2020
I need help to know if this is a Gig Fraud
Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020
New on the Fiverr Forum
From today i'm a membar of Fiverr Community
Can I use for fiverr for baking?
How a gig can be more attractive
Wants to know about fiverr forum
9 months... not a single order
Data Entry
Why my all gig is down!
How to get first order to my fiverr gig
Hello, I'm a new seller in Fiverr!
Hello ! I'm Kenoly and I am excited to start this journey as the newest graphic designer and illustrator on Fiverr
Want Suggestions about gig improvement
If I mention Experience of other freelancing website is it goes against TOS
Greetings all, I'm new
Hi everyone, let me introduce myself! :)
Hello friends fliptechng is here
Hello frnds , Iam beginner in fiverr
New comer in fiverr
Newbie on fiverr :)
Anees from TechSed is here
Hi everyone. I am a new user to fiverr. I want to know the community. :smiley:
I'm newbie on fiverr
Fiverr Newbie, Good day
Newbie just join today
Hi! I'm New in Fiverr Community
My new order in friverr
I am new on this community
Hello guys, i am new on fiverr
Post marked as spam, looking for second opinion from staff
I will do bad ass mascot logo in cheapest price
A great photo editor and video editor , looking for orders , 20 pics =$5 ,, CHEAPEST BUDGET OFFER!
Pricing When You're A Level 0
I am newbei any suggetion for me please
Made and completed my first order Yippee!
Moahahaha what a joke! 🤣 🙃
New seller tipss
Hey I Need A great Cover Later For Buyer Request
Just wanted to know who is new there like me
Advertise Facebook page
I create first account at fiverr
Nice to meet you all!
Which Fiverr seller has earnt the most money?
Good lucky。thanks for helping me
Hi everyone 😊 said tom holland
Be Real Hero For Your Family
Was it so early with you?
Get a Unique and professional logo design
Hello All of bangladeshi brother :)
Long Time Fellas
HII! I'm new to Fiverr :D
Question about push message (fiver app)
Great fiverr tips-Why you should follow fiverr forum daily?
We are all here cmbd members wish us good luck
Hello guys how are you all!
Greetings from Sweden!
My tips for orders post removed
New freelancer on Fiverr!
Payment services
Cartoon caricature
Hi I will convert website to android and ios webview app with notification :-) Level One seller
Gigs ranking issue,
I need advice to improve
Impression not increasing
What is the best way to increase sell as a new sller?
New gig for whiteboard video animation
1 month did not get any order?
My Profile and Gig not showing in search result
How come my gig does not show up?
Hi guys,i'am new member in fiverr
Looking for my first client
Where post my gig to get buyer order?
How type should gig create
Two gig but no order yet
Not find my gig in search list
My Gig rank down
New Seller of over one month and no single order. Please, help
How Can Get order from buyer?
How to best connect with buyer help me with this answer Please
Impression, click, view issues
I have no order please help me how i get o
One Month Fiverr Account No Order
My gig is shown first page but impressions is vary low. What am I doing now?
No Order for almost 3 weeks!
No new messages from buyers
How to promote your Fiverr gigs as a new seller
I have opened a new gig. What can I do to get more orders?
Last 1 Month I am Not getting Any Order?
How do I make my creative gig more attractive?
I Haven't no order last 4 days, what i do to get an order?
How to get my 1st order in fiverr
Long time Did not Order
Ho can I get order
What could be the reason for not getting order
Not Getting order After a sell
My account do not showing online
How can I improve my new gig rank?
How much fiverr take as service charge
How to find a job on YouTube Promotion
Got cancellation On My Order
Level one seller but not getting orders
I didn't see my Fiverr Gig
I want help to create my 3rd gig on Brochure Design
How do I improve my gig & get order?
Order will come to you
I got new order into my gig
I want to increase my click i have no click.please help me
I am new seller, how can I get my first order from buyers ? How can I get into the first page?
Comeback fiverr but zero order
Don't get enough Impression and click
Getting 1 order per week
I want to first selling tips
Let us know if you know any tips for getting an order
A first order talk
Greetings from Boulder, Colorado!
Just joined fiverr! can you help me?
Join Today on Fiverr
Hello from Australia
Hi, everybody in the house
New User on Fiverr!
HI My respectable seniors
Introduction as a new member
I can make you anytype of GFX, I have made Roblox, Fortnite, I even have a video to prove it. I can deliver fast on time, so don't expect delays :)
Welcome me i am new to fiverr
New user here kindly help
Hi, I'm new on fiverr
Hi, I'm new to fiverr with lots of potential
Just got here, want to explore my skills on this platform
New on Fiverr new user intro!
Fiverr is awesome online marketplace
I think someone just toke my art without paying
Hi new for fiverr
How to Send Buyer Request
Suggestion for Profile description?
Hey, new guy here
Reporting sellers
How to change username?