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Forum: some posts and replies disappeared

Hi there,

I know that there are issues with the forum and Fiverr staff is working on it… but I have one, I guess not just for me - important question:

Will the disappeared postings / answers come back or are the lost “forever”?!

Cheers & thx!

I noticed that as well, some of my posts and topics disappeared and forum wasn’t on yesterday.

We don’t know yet ;). But as you have mentioned staff is aware.

I thought that it’s just with me. tried several times to open the forum it says everytime gateway timeout 502. contacted Fiverr on twitter but got no answer wonder if they are there on twitter.

Maybe the are spamming./…bad comment / unfollowing rulss

some option happend for connections

Nope. That´s not the point. The question is about “real great and nice” comments / topics that have disappeared :slight_smile:

But it looks like that they will not come back…:slight_smile:

FYI: I found one of my disappeared posts via “Google Cache” :slight_smile: Big Brother Google…