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I am hoping that starting this discussion might generate some input from others too. There are always posts in “Tips for Sellers” and “Tips for Buyers” that are basically gig advertisements and while many do this on purpose, I think others are genuinely confused. Another thing that seems to be common and accepted use for “Tips for Sellers” is to post questions regarding Fiverr problems, problems with a buyer, etc. where one seller or buyer wants feedback from others on what to do.

It seems to me that maybe this could be helped some by adding some new forum topics or changing up the names of some forums. When people post in Tips for Buyers hoping to get feedback, this is very different from posting an actual tip, article, or how-to. Maybe there could be a forum added for “Community Feedback on Fiverr” or "Community Support for Sellers and Buyers."

I think that some people post their gigs in the Tips for Buyers section thinking that by offering a service, they are offering a tip-off to a buyer that the gig exists or that they are cheaper or better than someone else, especially since it is hard to find many gigs using the Fiverr search and category areas. And, we do have the “My Fiverr Gigs” section that people are encouraged to post their ads in - but how many buyers read it? I would love to hear ideas on how to improve this issue so that buyers might have an additional place to find gigs if they don’t easily find something elsewhere. Maybe re-naming My Fiverr Gigs to something like “Fiverr Gigs You Might Want” or “Today’s Seller Featured Gigs” or whatever. It would also allow sellers another avenue for advertising besides social media.

The forums are very useful to me as they are, but I also think there is room for improvement! Any thoughts on your own ideas that could make the community better?

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks! I’ve just been reading and posting for a while, observing forum activity and finally decided to try a discussion. I’ll read yours and see if we can get some more new discussion going. The forums are so helpful even with the problems and yet I think they could be so much more.