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Forum threads started years ago


Here is just one example of a thread started years ago coming back to life:

How long it takes to sell first Gig? [2013]

That was started in August 2013 and people are today posting on it.

I know we are encouraged not to start new threads on the same topic,
but it would be better to have current new threads than ones reappearing that are years old.

How do I leave negative feedback on a cancelled order?

Stranger things are happening. Like in the other thread one entity came back to life…:expressionless:


the search bar.

“how mek sell”

Then spam every result in the search with a tale of woe; “I am writter, ghost ritter. I win book prise for top novel wirttings of 2-14 at university in vagina. HIRE ME PLZ”.

I made that up. But it’s true.


I’ll add a modified version of what I wrote on the other thread that you links, since you started a new thread about it. First, the reason this wasn’t happened as much on the old forum is that the moderation team spend hundreds of hours closed most threads from 2012 and 2013 and had a start on 2014. When they were imported to Discourse they re-opened. That has happened to us twice, since it also happened when the forum migrated from it’s very first form in Vanilla to BBPress. Once in a while those old threads at least do make us see an unresolved issue, but many of them don’t need resurrecting. For my part, though, I can’t spend another few weeks of what is otherwise my work-time to re-close all of time when this keeps happening anyway. I’m not going to let it get to me, though, when we have a large community who can react positively if we want to and education those who resurrect those threads. Then they can be closed, in spite of complaints I’ve seen regarding thread closure.

Helping newer users by guiding them to the best way to start new threads is the best solution.

So, take part in encouraging others to create current new threads. One thing Discourse is all about is having the community influence the forum. Not one or two members of the community alone, but all of us. I am sure it is tiring for those of us who have been here for a while, but new people need our help to learn. When you feel frustrated, take a break from the forum, have some tea or enjoy some sunshine! The forum is a community project so we all have to work together to make it a better and more positive place. :tropical_drink::tea::sunny:


I can see you get frustrated with a lot things here on the forum, maybe you need a forum vacation :sweat_smile:


@annai80 I’m not frustrated with a lot of things here, just voicing my opinions. I’m not sure why that would prompt you to suggest that I leave for a while?

We are allowed to give our opinions I hope because otherwise why have the site suggestions section.

All I did was say that the years old threads keep resurfacing and you say I need to leave for a while? I’m not on the verge of a breakdown over it. It was just a suggestion. I wasn’t aware of old threads being purged. It’s not a big deal. You can remove this thread if you like since it seems to have been taken the wrong way.


I don’t think I took anything the wrong way and was just explaining. My post didn’t say anything about “leave for a while,” I suggested a :tea: break if old threads or closures or whatnot get under your skin. I don’t see any need to remove a thread with your opinion, I just offered mine. :slight_smile: