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Forum was my F word for two days

Did anyone else have issues signing into the forum the past couple of days? Today was the first day it worked. The issue was that in the right top corner where there is a light blue button for signing in, well it disappeared and in its place were two smaller buttons one for signing into my Fiverr account and the other for registering. Neither button did anything besides take me to Fiverrs home page (where I was already signed in). I’m glad it’s working now but did anyone else experience this?

I also faced the same issue. I contacted CS. They replied about the problem. Today I checked the forum again and now able to post. :slight_smile:


As I’ve posted elsewhere, I’ve experienced it when using Chromium, but it was fine with Firefox.

Most forum regulars have not been seen for 2 days. I also had the same issue, couldn’t log in on any of my standard browsers until 2 hours later after installing 10+ less known browsers i found on that let me log in to the forums.

Thanks :slight_smile: For the fix

I’m glad they listened and fixed it! I didn’t realize how much I needed my forum time until I was robbed of it lol. The worst two days of my life… Clearly I need a hobby haha.

Reply to @mgjohn78: hahaha I love your forum devotion! And 27 browsers later, he’s back!