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Forum Wish list

Anything and everything you’d like to see from the forum refresh. Let’s keep this to content and relevant suggestions. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Note that a suggestion does not mean it will be implemented.


It would be really good If some actual employees From fiverr looking out on forums and solving problems. At the moment I didnt have seen any employee looking for problems actively.


I’d love the ability to further filter which topics are shown to me. As is I’m already filtering most of the categories I find irrelevant to my daily use.

But some categories while interesting received a lot of ‘spam’ so I’d like to be able to filter topics from “My Fiverr Experience” or “Fiverr Tips” that have received a certain number of likes/replies for example.

This way the community could help moderating the topics automatically by engaging with them while giving less exposure to poor written or repeated topics.


I’d like to see a (reasonably priced) paywall where the forum is only free to post to for sellers who have already achieved level 2. Every day, the same threads appear. "How to I get more sales," and "Help, I’m not getting buyer requests, etc."

A paywall would prevent this and force people who would start topics like this to use the search to find answers that have already been posted on other threads.

As well as this, I’d like to see:

  • A tip jar where forum users can tip other users for giving them good advice.
  • Periodic amnesty for people given permabans. i.e. Have 2-days a year where banned members can rejoin the forum. (If they don’t join on that day, they have to wait until the next one.)
  • Less censorship. i.e Mentioning country names or other freelance platform names should not result in posts needing moderation.
  • A monthly limit on flags. Some users have started to flag posts just because they don’t personally agree with topic being discussed. Limiting how many times people can flag posts per month would remedy this.
  • Addition of personal blog pages where users can post articles and showcase their work to use as a defacto Fiverr portfolio.

If a paywall was ever implemented, I’d also like to see an end of year profit share where a percentage of revenue generated is shared equally among regular posters and moderators. (Just don’t do anything silly like payout only in Fiverr credit.)

They’re my suggestions.


Let’s treat this thread as a “brainstorm” and try to refrain from giving feedback on suggestions.

I’ll compile a list throughout the process with ideas and how/if/why we can/cannot implement them.


I would like to see the moderation team more involved with the day to day Forum.

I miss the interaction we users had at one time with the Forum mods. It seems like for about a year now since we have had much interaction with them. The mods have not interacted as much. I miss Maddie aka @fonthaunt and am sad that Eoin stepped away from the position as he was a great asset to the Forum. I am glad that he stops by from time to time.


There could be more weekly polls like there used to be and also more Fiverr podcasts and more threads with staff involvement (like suggested earlier). Maybe the discussion of the Fiverr blog for each blog.

Could there be some control over the forum messages’ width (if you have a higher-res screen there’s a lot of unused space on both sides)?

Maybe more customisation in how the different forum sections could be displayed. eg. you could select to have your favourite forum sections all placed in different sections of the screen instead of having to load different browser tabs etc.

Could we have sections (eg. site improvements and maybe with polls) where Fiverr staff might look at the thread and maybe say whether that could be something Fiverr will/might develop?

Could there be something like discobot but that could give answers to very common Fiverr forum questions (maybe with a relevant link like someone suggested previously on the forum) in cases where the same answer could be given for that question?

Maybe competitions/challenges where you might win Fiverr credit (but not like the current occasional Fiverr competitions that are more separate) or maybe games (maybe also if they could help with gigs somehow).

Maybe make it easier to select which forum sections you’re interested in and which you’re not or maybe the priority of them. Maybe more control over group chats (there was one that many people kept getting notified about who weren’t very interested in it).

I agree there could be some sort of credit system (it doesn’t have to be monetary) for informative posts or correct posts. In a question thread one or more could be defined as “correct” or “best/good answer” and there could be some score/benefit.

Maybe there could be a separate section for achievements like “completed x orders” that are sometimes thread topics. Maybe with a different section for other milestones (eg. a high number of sales).


It seems that many of the users who come here to rant or lament about an issue they had on the main site do so because they have not read TOS. It might be beneficial for new users to be required to pass a basic test concerning Fiverr TOS before they can become Level 1 users.

Many Forum users get their post flagged for being posted in the incorrect category or for breaking one of the Forum’s other rules. Perhaps a user can get a badge for passing a quiz concerning the rules, or maybe get more likes or some additional benefit.


I would like a place to talk about buyers’ interactions with sellers. Having problems with buyers comes up a lot where people don’t know what to do.

One thing I never see discussed is “Consumer Behavior”. This is a big important topic for anyone involved in sales. What motivates a buyer or potential buyer, why they spend the amount that they do, how you increase perceived value for your service , how to price your gigs, the importance of how you communicate, are all things that would be topics deserving of some discussion.


I have decided not to use the Forum anymore due to the heavy moderation, and the constant flags that I have been getting (not just me but many others) just because we don’t agree with someone.

My personal opinion is that this forum should be less censored, meaning that both buyers and sellers, which representing the Fiverr community, can have more freedom to criticize things that are not so great. Nowadays, it seems if you say something you are going to get flagged in a matter of seconds.

Secondly, I and a couple of friends on the Forum used to have a private thread in which we held work and sometimes fun discussions. I do agree that you should moderate the chats, however, I do not think that those chats should be deleted without us being messaged with what we did wrong and to try to avoid that next time. Or alternatively, the private thread option should be non-existent if you think that such things shouldn’t be allowed.

Thirdly, all of us should work together as a community to make the forum a better place for both Fiverr newbies and veterans. Such a community doesn’t need to be toxic.

Perhaps, the category “My Fiverr Gigs” should be taken out altogether.

Also, we need some of the banned users and the forum trolls back. Sometimes there should be fun on the forum.

I like where this is heading with the brainstorm - and I do hope that things would get better over time. That being said, I am logging out of the forum until the new refresh hoping that things would take a whole new turn by then.


In addition to everything I think it’s also time to restructure forum categories and add some more relevant ones.
We get a lot of questions about “how to get my first order” so maybe there should be a category for posting this questions
Maybe a bit more “niche categories” for buyer request questions, how to get my first order, questions about statistics (impressions clicks etc), new forum users introductions etc.

I think that will help to filter and moderate forum much better and will make it easier to use for new comers and older users who doesn’t want to see specific questions arising 10 times a day.


How to get my first order, and why doesn’t anyone ever buy my gig are two main areas of interest on the forum. Maybe they should both be put into the same category. Some advice could be pinned to the top of that category with big letters saying “read this”!


Currently in the main forum lists, only the icon of the most recent poster shows, rather than the icon of the original poster.

I do like seeing icons I recognize. Many of these people are dedicated to helping out new forum users. When I’m looking for information, however, this can lead me to clicking on posts that are irreverent and thus waste time. Being able to see an additional icon, that of the original poster, would help this, and also help newcomers recognize givers of good advice or who write good threads.

Seeing “mjensen415” for example, immediately tells me ‘this thread is likely important’.


It’s really great to see Fiverr staff asking for suggestion from this community…Thanks a ton…:+1:


There are five forum sections at the moment that haven’t seen much action; one of which that isn’t directly connected to fiverr. I would love to see the forum organized in a way where we could view topics as they relate to our specific skills/gigs. All skill topics are lumped together at the moment and there are topics that need some discussion as very little is provided on them.

For example, questions have surfaced during and after the announcements of the new games categories but not much detail was provided on what is and isn’t allowed outside of being allowed to offer certain services. There’s also been some Frankenstein-ing of old topics that show up as new in the feed but only discover their age after clicking. It would be helpful to include the first post date so that we can see the topics actual age from the get go. Next, a section to discuss the fiverr test feature would be nice so that users can discuss the issues and problems they’re having so that it can be visible to fiverr staff.

At the moment, every time a topic or post is made to a topic concerning these tests, they’re quickly buried from view by other posts asking the same/similar questions about BR and lack of orders. It would also be nice to see occasional posts by staff in the Fiverr Tips section and possibly some links to published blog posts with the option to comment on the forums when the comments are disabled on the blog itself.

There needs to be sticky/pinned posts linking to Forum Rules & Guidelines as posts are the first thing most users see; plus some can’t be bothered to look for these things so it will eliminate the excuses of not seeing them. Also, some forum sections need to be locked or made unavailable for posting new topics under to keep users (mainly non-Mod and non-Fiverr staff) from posting things that don’t even relate to the category; the option to respond will still be there just not posting.


People see the direction when they want to create a topic that tells them to first search for it. They are shown, to the right, a list of threads on the subject they wanted to post about.

So that leads them to finding a five year old dead thread on their subject and post on it, thinking that’s what they are supposed to do. So we see these ancient threads brought back.


Thread should be closed after some time, maybe a month (or more) after last reply, that way thread resurrection will not happen.


I would like the rule about duplicate topics (not to start a topic if it was already discussed) enforced. The way it is now, we get at least several “How do I get sales/I’ve been here for X amount of time and nobody is buying/I don’t have sales and I’m so sad” topics each and every day, and they clutter the forum and make it more difficult to find useful information.


I get tired of seeing posts saying fiverr only cares about buyers not about sellers, when someone has a cancelled order, but I’m not sure what to do about that.

I usually explain how and why orders get cancelled and how fiverr does offer some protection to sellers, but it’s very repetitive to have to do that at least once a week.

We could make a list of all the topics that get asked about on almost a daily basis and have an easy to access thread with answers to those same questions that are always asked:

1. Please tell me how to get a first order.

2. I haven’t gotten a sale yet and I’ve been here a long time. Why doesn’t anyone buy from me?

*3. I had an order cancelled and it looks like fiverr always supports the buyer and never the seller. *

4. How do I get my gig to rank better?

*5. What does impressions, clicks and views mean? *

6. I’m new. Why do I get so many scam messages?

I’ve answered all of these at least a dozen times, along with other regulars on the forum.


I fully support a system that prevents the same topics/questions being posted over and over every day.

The idea of a Paywall should seriously be considered as this is an elegant solution to the problem.
Connecting the sellers posting privileges to their seller rank is a good idea I think.

I’d also suggest new users should be forced to read an FAQ thread before being able to post on the forum (responding to the thread confirming they’ve read and understood it before being granted access to the full forum as an idea). Failure to adhere to the rules outlined in said FAQ thread should result in action taken against their posting privileges.

Heavy moderation should be implemented on users creating topics that are already present on the forum. By that I mean the topic should be removed not just locked and left there.