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I’m not sure it’s been said yet, but THANK YOU for not having banner ads. I know ads are a valid way to payroll forum features, updates, and waaaait a second…

Is that why the forum is so… the way it is? Because it doesn’t have ad revenue??

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Another item to add (if possible). Have a way to keep a post from being published that is on an already discussed topic. Instead of the publish button, a button linking to all topics on the question at hand will appear instead.


Love your ideas @wp_kid

More elegant solutions to the problems I tried to solve with my suggestions.


The problem is that they don’t like old threads being posted to. So if someone can’t create a new thread to discuss it further, existing threads on the topic may too old to post in (or closed). So it would only work for recent threads. But it wouldn’t work where the user was talking about their gigs etc. (where it isn’t a general answer that could be applied to everyone).

That sounds good. In case that’s not feasible somehow, the forum rules/etiquette could encourage OPs to edit their thread titles with [SOLVED], if so, and the mods could easily see them when skimming and close them.


Related to the post above, as well as the mention of making rules more concise.

“No excessive editing” is tricky. For example, I’ve made multiple posts in this thread as ideas and thoughts have come to me. I would have consolidated all of said ideas into one post if I wasn’t worried about editing ‘too much’ (2017 rule 6).

I’ve also seen user(s) repost and repost new threads of each of their gigs, (which breaks 2017 rule 1, but avoids issue with 2018 amendment 1) so which rule takes priority?

Hardly anyone (if any) takes advantage of 2018 amendment 5 to make their posts in duel language, which can help promote professionalism. Putting the rules (or even just that amendment, setting an example) in other languages could help!

Amendment 8 could utilize the badges, so users must have completed the ‘Read Guidelines’ and ‘Certified’ qualifiers to post new threads in that specific category (Tips).
Related: one Category that needs to be restricted access for posting new threads is Community Rules and Guidelines (as stated in its own rules). Just a glance shows several non-staff/admin/mod/system threads that are in the wrong spot. (Most seem to belong in FAQ.)


On Amendment 8 related, these are system post, generated with every category. We manually removed them, only a few lefts (unconcernedly). You can flag/notify moderators if you notice any post like that.


I know I’ve already brought up the thread-flagging options (which are different from post flagging), but I thought I’d offer an more detailed rundown.

It’s Inappropriate
This topic contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.

Inappropriate - adj. - not suitable or proper in the circumstances.
I’ve come across many posts/threads that are dictionary-definition-inappropriate, but not site-definition-inappropriate. Can this flag option be renamed? (Especially since it tries to cover everything in the Guidelines) Suggestion: It Violates Guidelines.
If a separate ‘inappropriate’ flag for the not-guideline violations is reasonable, then by all means please! More options for reporting are always better, as you can track and see where the majority of infringements are falling.

It’s Spam
This topic is an advertisement. It is not useful or relevant to this site, but promotional in nature.

Spam - n. - irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.
Again, word choice. Spam isn’t limited to ‘ads and promos’, but I see so many irrelevant threads that are posted for the sole sake of posting. Flag rename not needed, but redefine it, please.
Suggestion: Split this flag into two: It’s Ad/Promo Spam and It’s Irrelevant Spam (Alternatively, add to ‘definition’: if this isn’t Ad or Promo, please flag as ‘Wrong Category’.)

Something Else
This topic requires general staff attention based on the guidelines, TOS, or for another reason not listed above.

This flag is suppose to be a catch-all for everything ‘not listed above’ but there are only two other options. As previously mentioned, please add a separate flag option specifically for ‘Wrong Category’.

There have been numerous mentions of how many people aren’t following the rules. The rules themselves, however, are a bit hard to interpret, even for native-English speakers.


There might not be one because that would mean mods need to check and move the thread - while actually “regulars” with “trust level 3” (here’s the official announcement thread about the forum trust levels: Info about Forum Levels ) can change the category of a thread.

Once you reach trust level 3, you could move the thread yourself instead of alerting the mods to do it. I do that sometimes when I notice a thread that’s definitely in the wrong category, like when someone advertises their gigs under “Tips for Buyers” or such, though at times, it’s not so clear where a thread belongs, perhaps due to not too clear definitions/interpretations of categories.

I don’t know if that’s technically possible, but if there was an extra flag for “Wrong Category” which would go to regular users instead of mods, that would take work off the mods’ shoulders, so they’d have more time for … more complex modding issues lol.

ETA: There’s actually a “trust level 4” according to the staff announcement about the forum levels linked above, with more abilities like closing threads, so that might be a way of having more forum users share the mod duties, unless that level is already the mod level?


Few more insights from forum community:

in terms of improvements to the Fiverr forum, I’d like to see them get rid of the “My Fiverr Gigs” category. Remove it completely. The fact that it’s there encourages new users to think that they can use the forum for promoting their gigs. That shouldn’t be the case. There’s no reason to advertise on the forum, since the forum is for general user-to-user discussion, and asking for legitimate help.

Make it clear that the forum is NOT for advertising in any way, shape, or form, and then just delete anything that comes across as promotion. Set some clear limitations on the “Improve MY Gig” category too, and delete anything promotional with impunity. No tolerance for promotional content. If someone asks for legitimate help, and defines serious questions about specific improvement, great, people can help them get on track with that gig concern. But it it’s just a “check my gig – why am I not getting sales” demand, delete the post. Anyone who posts something like that is just looking for attention, and wants someone else to do guarantees them success. That’s not what the forum is about.

Perhaps Fiverr (and the mods) need to take more time to study the clearly-apparent brand message behind Fiverr’s own – chosen – tagline, “In Doer’s We Trust”. As the forum-suspended user that that am, it sure looks like people have forgotten this (or are conveniently ignoring it) when dealing with others on the forum.


I second this. I think that just by having a ‘post your gigs here’ category, we’re encouraging the kind of gig-spam that we discourage users from participating in elsewhere on the web. I’ve seen some users come back to re-post their gig every day for months, and when you look at their profiles, they’ve never got orders. It’s a pointless endeavour, and just clogs up the forum.

A category that I’d love to see being used more is the Fiverr Experience category. I’d love to know more about the other sellers here… What brought them to Fiverr, what their journey has been like, useful lessons they’ve learnt along the way. I always find those posts super valuable, and would be happy to add to it at some point in the future with our story… I just think there’d have to be some kind of rule to avoid the ‘participation badge’ posts of “I just got my second client order with 5-star review” etc…


Thank you everyone. Lots of amazing feedback here. I love it all

Closing this thread and opening a new one with links to my notes from everyone’s suggestions.