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Forums Keep Redirecting me to 404

Not sure if others are having any similar issues. I searched up some topics before making this post and I see others have had this issue in the past.

I either get 404 forbidden page or :frowning: error page I’ll attach the image.
Its been happening the last 4 days for me. Not sure whats causing it, but all my other pages even the fiverr dashboard etc is fine. But when navigating to the forums… This is what I get…


I get this frequently on the forum. I have to clear cookies, which seems to solve it temporarily. It doesn’t happen on the main Fiverr site.


Funny story, right after posting this, I got the other error message.
Lol at the URL

Seemed to fix itself

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Yes, that’s what I get also. Either waiting it out or clearing the cookies is the only thing that (temporarily) solves it for me.

The irony was that I got it just as I tried to view your thread!

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I’m having same problems .

What is your browser? Try to use Google Chrome.

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@gamunu I’ve used Chrome as my primary browser for many years :wink:

Its also happened with me so much time. But I stop to take new tab of conversation then its not happen further. So if you open a conversation or question then open it same tab after finishing the question or conversation then click on all new question and select another and open same tab. That’s mean fiverr doesn’t support to open so much new tab of question conversation at a time. Thanks

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That’s strange switching opera to chrome fix my 400 bad request issue

@haque_adsflow It doesn’t fix it for me, I have to either wait it out or delete cookies.

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I appreciate the input but I’d rather really not use chrome. For personal reasons. I’m on Firefox

It happens sometimes. Just clear cookies and browser history, then try again, I hope that will be o

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This is also showing me too.

Then I go one page back and reloaded my tab.

All problem gone. :slight_smile:


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Happened to me just today as well.

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Resetting my cookies seemed to work. But not going back and just refreshing.
Good to know it’s working for you.

I’d like to mention this doesn’t happen to any other webpage I visit frequently.
Are there moderators that pass these threads down to the tech people?