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Forword Order Or Seller

Suppose, Im busy another work…and A Client message me…Can I forword this clinet by Other Freelancer in fiverr…Actually i want to say…Can use link of fiverr seller profile link of Buyer…Please let me kno…Thank you


Are you saying if you get a message from a prospective client, can you send that client a link to another Fiverr freelancer? Yes, you can suggest another seller to a potential client. However, I do not, because if that client has a bad experience with the seller, they may blame you.


I just Confused… :frowning:

If you’re busy (too busy to work on the order) you could just just pause your gig or increase the number of days delivery on your gigs or alter the “limit orders in the queue” figure.

If you can’t take on the work you could also just say they are best looking for another seller for that, but if you’re just too busy for it really pausing/changing the delivery times of the gig should be done if you can. edit: or use out of office mode.

If you’re sure the seller you want to recommend could do the job well, yes you could recommend them/link to them.

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Actullay i said that Can i share Link of fiverr seller like me (other freelancer)

Yes you could (if you want to recommend them if you’re too busy), but really if you’re too busy to do the tasks shown in your gigs you should pause/extend their delivery times). You could also recommend the other person if the buyer asks for something you don’t provide but you know the other seller does and does well. But like was suggested, maybe you might get blamed if the seller you recommend doesn’t do a good job of it.

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yes,its right… Thank you so much

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If you did this to me, I’d think you had some scam going, like having multiple accounts and diverting it to your other account.

Why do you have a gig up if you can’t work it? Sounds kinda :fish: y to me. :thinking:


Hello dear @gina_riley2 …what you understood, I have no multiple accounts…I just wanna know. So I told here. As any day i wont bad experience. I hope you understand. And Dear @gina_riley2 i know smart work. Thank you