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Found 1 user with 9 accounts, keep your eyes open & keep a Fair Marketplace

I check my subcat often for new gigs and also to keep fiverr clean. Just recently I found the same user with NINE different accounts, trying to saturate a subcat and using different names for each obviously. Too bad he used the audio portfolio feature on all of them to induce his own demise…lol.

ALL SELLERS… Keep an eye out for these types of cancers to the marketplace in your subcats! Fiverr works hard to keep the marketplace clean and fair, but some things slip through the cracks and it’s up to us sellers to catch these slimeballs and report them to Fiverr support.

9 accounts from one seller is a bit ridiculous and became easy to spot, but there are some sneaky petes and deceiving individuals when it comes to money, especially a marketplace like Fiverr.

Report em and expose em!

-DTong (TRS)

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It’s now at 11 accounts for that one user…amazing.

That is mind boggling.

i am respecting fiverr TOS.
multiple account is not a good way. if user have only one account, user can generate more revenue.

hope no one break fiverr TOS.

Yea these people think they’re outsmarting the system, but once they contact the support for any small issue they will get caught, all the accounts will be removed without giving any warning, they wont last…

Agree, should be reported if spotted.

how to Handel 9 accounts?This is Hard thing.

Well. as I see it, they can replicate my gig as much as they want, but can’t replicate my service. My writing gigs are my best sellers and this year I had quite a few people asking to see samples of my work prior to ordering due to being let down by other sellers in my niche. In this case, I don’t worry about competition that much. My only worry is that if a lot of people start making multiple accounts and selling inferior services, buyers might get driven away from using Fiverr before finding out what I can offer.

Here really hard to manage 1 account how people manage 11 account . :stuck_out_tongue: solute.

@dtongsports is he getting work?

Its against Fiverr TOS, we should never create multiple accounts for more revenue, If we could work hard then we can easily make a good income instead having several accounts.

Huh. What would you suggest is the easiest way to spot multiple accounts? seems a little tricky to me.

it’s very wrong.
We must abide by the TOS.

It’s up to over 15 accounts now…

Similar approach to setting up accounts such as similar extras, titles, descriptions, using the same photo on all the gigs and photos are irrelevant to the offer, and a little research…

Only on one account is he getting a minimal influx, a couple of orders splattered on some of the others but they are all from the accounts within the report so they are also using other accounts to ‘Boost’ their primary ones.

they are also using other accounts to ‘Boost’ their primary ones.

How to tell that it’s not a case of having a dozen people who copied all your gigs?

Jeez, just report them to CS already.

Support as well as Trust and Safety have been notified

I would love to explain it all to you here but it would take a long time to type and Trust & Safety have it in their hands now.

11 accounts? Geez it’s hard for me to even use 1 account lol