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Found a bug on fiverr

This were two screenshots of the fiverr page,as you can see it was not showing
starting at $$$ When I opened it It took me to the page and the prices that were showing were with a recommended for you or customized for you tag. Is it a bug? Please let me know

I only see 1 screenshot and in it it says “waiting for” so it looks like the page hasn’t loaded properly at the time the screenshot was taken. Try refreshing the page (ctrl+F5) and see if it shows everything after fully loading.

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Hmm… I think you’re right

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I was thinking do I miss something here, should I buy glasses? :rofl:No wonder, we miss a page!:rofl:

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Thanks for your answer @uk1000

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Beautiful Answer (ohh my keyboard has a bug):rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hahahhaa, no worries, happen to be quite so often, nothing unusual!! :rofl: Also forgetting stuff, not the bug… :joy:

Hahahaaha You are an awesome guy @hum_on_the_go

By the way what do you do (which services you provide)?

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I provide Graphic Design services and anything beyond!:rofl:

I just think that our threads are going to be reported and deleted

Why would they, we’re not of topic here??

I don’t know @hum_on_the_go