Found a Typo in the Fiverr Blog - Who to contact?


I found a typographic error on the Fiverr blog. There a way to contact Hannah Curran (the post’s author) outside of using LinkedIn’s InMail system or a public forum like Facebook or Twitter? I’m trying to quietly let her know about a small error, not put it on blast. Any tips appreciated. Thank you.


Nobody cares. (20 ch…)


I think it’s nice of you to try letting her know, but is it a huge typo? Unless it’s something very serious, or the word/sentence will sound rude or inappropriate because of that typo, I think most people won’t care, others might not even notice.
Not sure how you should contact her, maybe ask CS??


Dear Ima:

For your next assignment, please proofread the Fiverr Terms of Service and pass the corrections on to @mjensen415 so he can pass them up the chain of command.

Good luck,

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