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Found an Iphone.. What to do?


So I was going to pick up some parcels that I had ordered. On the way I found an iphone 6s plus. I have found many phones and my process is usually to look for the last number dialed the call it to inquire if they know the owner of the phone. If they do I ask them to contact the owner so that they can come pick it up. I don’t charge them but all of them tip me. So today I found the iphone but when I went to check the contacts it was locked with a password, so I decided that I wouldn’t tamper with it but rather wait until someone calls. Later on when I went to check I found an icloud lock screen but it didn’t have any way to contact the owner. At this point I am considering just tossing it. What would you do if you were in my shoes? PS My shoes are more of sandals because I like to feel the wind on my feet.


Take it to the nearest police station?


I’d do the same, and let the police deal with it.


Put it in airplane mode and throw it from a second story building - it should find its way back to its owner.


@offlinehelpers and @catwriter our police are something that I don’t like to deal with. If you produce something as found well you will also produce the one who dropped it before you found it


I thought that only worked with samsung galaxy?


If you don’t want to take it to a police station, maybe best to leave it where/approx where it was…


I would give a post on social media


Tell me what IOS it’s running? If it’s IOS 9 or 10 I think I should be able to get the contacts out of it.


Destroy it. I lost an Iphone recently and I don’t like that it is out there somewhere

Also, there are those annoying millennials who lose things on purpose to secretly film and document how honest other people are.

Murder the iPhone and hope that they watching.


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How do you check the IOS? I am more of an android guy.


Maybe your town has a lost and found?


Well you can’t directly check the ios from the lock screen however there are a few ways to spot which ios firmware the device is running.

If the device is telling you to swipe to unlock then it is ios 9.

To distinguish ios 10 and ios 11 you simply need to swipe up on the lock screen to see what the control center looks like.

On ios 10 the control center looks like this:

On ios 11 the control center looks like this:

EDIT: If you believe that the device is running ios 9 then you can verify this by checking the control center too as all 3 firmwares have difference control centers.

This is the ios 9 control center:

This control center looks similar to the ios 10 control center however it can be distinguished by the fact that it has two sliders (one for volume and one for brightness).

Hopefully this helps you to work out what ios firmware the device is running. If you aren’t sure then you can always send a picture.


Take it to an Apple store, perhaps they can access some info.


@annai80 The only thing I see in our lost and found is Id cards and passports. No one manages them so throwing a phone in there would be Christmas to any one passing by. @newsmike There is no apple store here, probably because we don’t fit in the target market. @ssj1236 Found the ios, it’s 11.2 build 15C144


Put it on a road and run over it with the tire of your car several times then toss it in the trash.


Sounds like the best way to get rid of it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I would put a picture on a local fb group and mention i will hand it owner to the owner who can unlock it.


Take it to the nearest police station and walk out like a superhero :sunglasses: